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Linux in Schools (and a local Linux Installfest)

My first computer was a Commodore 64. I loved programming it, with my favorite program filling up the screen with “Amanda Amanda Amanda Amanda” when you hit the enter key. (A slight hint at future narcissism or just healthy self esteem? Hmm. You decide.) Anyway, this trip down memory lane was spurred by an announcement of an upcoming Linux Installfest at Bay Area schools. Sounds like kids today have quite a few more options.

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Microsoft’s Interoperability Announcement

Yesterday Steve Ballmer announced “a significant change in how we share information about our products and technologies.” Apparently, Microsoft doesn’t appear to see Linux as the “cancer” it once did; or at least they seem confident it’s not contagious through their APIs. The publication (hopefully without any restriction) of protocol documentation and APIs should help open source developers.

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The First One’s Free . . .

but once you’re hooked, you’re hooked. Microsoft is offering certain qualifying students free software (as in beer, not open) to convince them to try their stuff instead of free and open source software.

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Hey Jonathan: The L in LAMP is Literal

Charlie Babcock just published a report on Sun’s new strategy aimed at Web 2.0 developers. Charlie’s one of the best trade reporters in the business, but I would have loved for the LF to have been asked to comment on CEO Jonathan’s statements.

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LF Collaboration Summit Speakers Announced

I am pleased to announce the speaker line up for the upcoming Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit at the Austin Supercomputing Center. The speakers, like the attendees of the summit, represent leaders from the developer, industry and end user communities surrounding Linux. Don’t miss the opportunity to collaborate with these individuals on April 8-10, 2008 at the UT Austin Supercomputing Center.

amcpherson's picture and the Penguin Parade

This year I was lucky enough to attend in beautiful Melbourne, Australia. We were a sponsor of the conference, meaning that we did what we often times do: ensure talented speakers could attend. Many people don’t realize (or perhaps they do) that while a majority of open source developers get paid to work on open source by their companies at least part of the time, those companies don’t necessarily want to pay for them to speak or attend open source conferences.

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Linux Foundation January Newsletter

Linux Foundation January 2008 Newsletter

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NetApp interview with Jim of the LF

Brian Pawlowski, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at Network Appliance and LF board member, recently interviewed Jim Zemlin, ED of the Linux Foundation, on his excellent blog “On the Edge”. Brian is a thoughtful guy and gets Jim to discuss the LF, our focus and the weather in San Francisco (not to mention parking tickets, a frequent topic at our office.)

Check it out here.

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Financial Times on Linux’s Worldwide Army

If you haven’t seen today’s Financial Times article on Linux development and the Linux Foundation, take a look.

Alan Cane does a nice job of explaining the rapid rate of change and innovation happening in Linux today:

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Our Response to Microsoft’s Misleading IDC Numbers

Peter Galli printed a fair article questioning Microsoft’s slicing and dicing of raw IDC numbers.

Here is the full text of my response to his original article:

Fundamentally this particular study will over-count Windows share and undercount Linux. Al Gillen at IDC, who we have a lot of respect for, says this himself in your article. Why is Linux so under-counted in this research?

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