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Mono brings Visual Basic Programming to Linux

Say what you will about Visual Basic, but many people (especially in enterprises) use it for developing applications. Anything that results in more applications on Linux is a good thing. Read the news of the new compiler brought to us by Novell.

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Excellent shirt.

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Today’s Linux Momentum

South Africa Switching to Linux and open standards:

Themba Maseko told reporters the cabinet would use the open source Linux operating system in a bid to lower administration costs and enhance local IT skills.

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On Free Device Driver Development

There’s been lots of talk about Greg K-H’s post on device driver development and the Linux Foundation’s assitance through the NDA program. We think this is a great program and a great example of how the LF wants to work with the community to improve Linux. Greg does a great job explaining it in his post and Q&A.

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It’s Official

The votes are in. The merger of the Open Source Development Labs and Free Standards Group has been formally approved by membership.  We’re very excited to begin The Linux Foundation.

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Linux Foundation reaction

We’re extremely pleased with the reaction on the launch of the Linux Foundation. This is an exciting time for all of us at the LF and we’re happy to see so many people discussing our cause.

A few of the best articles:

San Jose Mercury News

NY Times

Dana Blakenhorn’s blog on ZDNet

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Solving the ODF Accessibility Challenge

Last week, we announced that IBM had contributed a set of interfaces called IAccessible2 to the Free Standards Group as part of existing Accessibility workgroup.

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Oracle Joins the Free Standards Group

Most of you by now have read the considerable amount of media coverage Oracle has generated with its Linux announcements. To my biased ears, the most important bit of news is Oracle’s joining the FSG at the platinum (highest) level. You can read the press release here. For an excellent take on the news, I recommend

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FSG Seeks Input from End Users on Open Source Standards

Are you currently using Linux or other open source software in your company? Do you have a formal open standards policy to protect your investment? Do you want to send a message to your open source vendors to support open standards? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, The Free Standards Group would like to get your perspective — and support — for a new white paper detailing how end users can benefit from open standards.

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New Free Standards Group Newsletter

The fall edition of our newsletter has just arrived. Check it out. Lots o’ stuff happening at the FSG!

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