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Denmark mandates open standards

More and more end users and governments are realizing how important open standards are to their technology policies. Denmark is the latest.

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Gartner Lauds the LSB

ZDNet just published an interview with Gartner Group Vice President Dion Wiggins where he was praised the Linux Standard Base and the Linux industry’s efforts at standardization:

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FSG at Gartner Open Source Summit

Jim, our executive director, will be delivering a keynote at Gartner’s Open Source Summit. He’ll be speaking on how open standards can prevent vendor lock in, even in the world of open source. This is an excellent show for end users. Let us know if you’ll be attending and what to meet.

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Using the LSB podcast

The folks at IBM DeveloperWorks interviewed Martin Streicher on his new tutorial on developing LSB-compliant appliations for their podcast. You can listen here.

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Microsoft says Open Source is too Complex

ZDNET Asia recently published this article on Microsoft’s view of open source software.

“One of the beauties of the open-source model is that you get a lot of flexibility and componentization. The big downside is complexity,” Ryan Gavin, Microsoft’s director of platform strategy, said on the sidelines of the company’s worldwide partner conference in Boston last month.

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New Tutorial on Building Apps with the LSB

IBM DeveloperWorks has a great tutorial on writing to the LSB currently on the front page. Martin Streicher, editor of Linux Magazine, wrote this with the help of the LSB workgroup. It’s a great resource for all Linux app developers.

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Free Standards Group Newsletter

We send out a regular newsletter to our members and other interested parties in the interest of good communication. I realize there is no reason it shouldn’t reach a wider audience. Here’s the latest. Please let me know if you have questions or comments. If you’d like to subscribe, please send an email stating as such to pr-at-our domain.

The last few months have been incredibly busy and fruitful for the FSG.

Highlights of our recent successes include:

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Taking Back the Word Open

Buying technology is inherently risky. When you purchase software you are entering into a futures contract with the supplier of that software. Open standards are the best solution to alleviate that risk. Customers understand this, vendors understand, government organizations understand this. Not surprisingly then, the word “open

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Catch the FSG in Moscow, New York

Ian Murdock, CTO of the FSG, will be speaking at Interop Moscow during the week of June 19. He will also be giving a plenary address at C3Expo in New York next week. You can read the press release below:


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Open Source, Open Standards: Interview with FSG

If you’re interested in standards and consortia and you haven’t read, you’re missing the boat. Andy Updegrove, noted standards authority, FSG director and author of, recently devoted an entire issue of his Consortium Standards Bulletin to the open source, open standards divide, and as part of that issue, he interviewed Jim and Ian on the FSG. It’s a great examination of the issues facing open source standardization and is available here.

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