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The Linux Desktop and Standards

Novell CTO Jeff Jaffe makes a good point about the Linux desktop and vendor lock in in this article in eWeek.

Jaffe added that it is interesting that for many years now the number one mantra for CIOs was avoiding vendor lock-in, which had driven things like standards and Posix.

“It is very interesting that there is this one part of the industry where that has not quite happened. But I think deep inside their DNA they do not want vendor lock-in,” Jaffe said.

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Open Source and IT as a Utility

Another article from this week’s OSBC conference. Infoweek covers Nick Carr’s speech on open source and how it is already transforming IT into a more centralized utility. While the topic certainly isn’t new (everyone from ASPs to utility or autonomic computing vendors have been sprouting the same messages for years), his points that open source is the enabling technology behind this revolution are interesting.

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The Linux Desktop

Interesting article on how usability and availability of applications are crucial for improving the Linux desktop and its chances of wide-spread success. It includes the FSG’s Linux desktop project.

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LSB ISV Webinar

For those of you who are interested in the benefits of application certification to the LSB, we have a new resource to check out. This real player file will replay a recent webinar where FSG executive director Jim Zemlin and Lymeware CTO Michael Kabor discussed Michael’s recent experience certifying to the LSB.

Please let us know if you have comments or feedback.

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SugarCRM Joins the FSG

We are happy to report that rising commercial open source applications company SugarCRM has joined the FSG. They are the talk of OSBC, currently taking place here in San Francisco. You can read the details, such as they are, in the press release on

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LSB Testing in India

Our executive director just returned from India where he spoke at Linux Asia. He also discussed an opening of a testing center with the Indian government, which would be similar to the China testing center we announced in January. Here’s an article discussing the Indian plans here.

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Latest EOSJ Column Published

You can find our latest column at Enterprise Open Source Journal. Here it is as well.

When Will the Linux Desktop Be Ready for Enterprise Use? At a conference earlier this month, a young Microsoft lawyer asked me, “Does anyone really use Linux?

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Open Standards Defined

Great article on Groklaw discussing the definition of “open standards” and how it relates to ODF. This is an important point to understand and discuss as more and more companies (including some monopolies) throw the term “open standard” around in their marketing material.

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Ian Murdock joins the FSG

We are thrilled to announce the hiring of Ian Murdock as our CTO. He was also elected chair of the LSB. You can read more in eWeek and a longer piece here.

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Linux Applications

Here’s another reminder that the future success of Linux is closely correlated with the number of applications available for it. This Computerworld article talks about the lack of success Linux has achieved in banks. The LSB and the activities of the FSG are here to fix that.

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