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What to Expect at LinuxCon 2010 this August in Boston!

The call for participation and registration opened for LinuxCon today signaling the beginning of planning for the 2nd Annual LinuxCon.

To recap on some of the highlights of LinuxCon 2009, which took place in Portland last September, we brought you:

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LinuxCon Program and Event Details Take Shape

This year is moving by quickly and it seems that LinuxCon is now just a few months away.  It has been very exciting watching the event take shape, and I know it will be a success for this, and years to come.  Some of the highlights that I see for this year include:

The speakers: We’ve got the big names, some you see at many other events, and some that are rarely seen.  Check out who is speaking.

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View Videos from the 09 Collaboration Summit

The 3rd Annual Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit, held this April 8-10 in San Francisco, left me surprised and in high spirits.  Why you ask?  Because although I am fully aware that the downturn the economy has taken is affecting both individuals and businesses alike across the board, it didn’t seem to have this effect on the summit this year - not in a lack of attendees, enthusiasm among the participants or spirit of the collaboration.  In fact, I would say this was our most successful Collaboration Summit to date, which I think speaks very highly for Linux both as a technology and a c

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Introducing LinuxCon - Our New Annual Technical Conference for All Matters Linux

The Linux Foundation is very excited to announce the launch of LinuxCon, a brand new annual North American technical conference.  The 1st Annual LinuxCon is taking place September 21 – 25, 2009 in Portland, OR.  Registration and Call for Papers are now open - details are below.

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Plumbers Conference Full Speaker Line-up & Early-Bird Registration Reminder

Accepted Speakers Announcement and Early Bird Registration Reminder Linux Plumbers Conference 17-19 September 2008 Portland, Oregon USA

Speakers Announcement and Early Bird Registration Reminder

The list of accepted talks for Linux Plumbers Conf is now available:

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Tux and More at the Linux Foundation VIP Reception

Linux World has come to an end and it was a busy time last week for us over here at The Linux Foundation.  In addition to attending conference sessions, manning our booth in the dot org pavilion and our internal board of directors meeting, we had the opportunity to take a break Wednesday night and hang out with some of our members, Linux World speakers and other various movers and shakers in Linux including Dan Frye and John Beauvais of IBM, Doug Fisher of Intel,  Alan Clark and Jeff Jaffe at Novell, Larry Augustin, Chris DiBona and Leslie Hawthorne from Google, Bdale Garbee at HP, Dan Kege

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Plumbers Conference Featured Speakers Announcement

Featured Speakers, Early Bird Registration Deadline, and Conference Wiki Linux Plumbers Conference 17-19 September 2008 Portland, Oregon USA

Featured Speakers at Linux Plumbers Conference

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Plumbers Conference Speaker Proposal Deadline Extended Until 7/31

Linux Plumbers Conference 17-19 September 2008 Portland, Oregon USA

The deadline for Linux Plumbers Conference speaker proposals has been extended to July 31st. We are looking for proposals from knowledgeable speakers on timely technical topics related to core Linux software - kernel, utilities, graphics, libraries, etc. The ideal proposal will address a specific technical problem or opportunity and suggest solutions.

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End User Summit registration now open

The Linux Foundation End User Collaboration Summit gathers the leaders of the Linux development and vendor communities to collaborate with CTOs, architects and senior IT representatives from the largest and most dynamic end users in the world to accelerate problem solving and advance the Linux platform.Linux is a cornerstone operating system that has been growing in prominence and importance for the last two decades. This is the first event of its kind to bring together high performance end users with the highest level Linux community developers.

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Author of Wikinomics to Keynote at End User Summit

Anthony Williams, the co-author of Wikinomics: How Mass Collaboration Changes Everything will be the opening keynote on October 13th at the Linux Foundation End User Summit in New York City.

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