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The shape of 2.6.26

On May 3, Linus announced the release of the 2.6.26-rc1 prepatch and the closure of the merge window for this development cycle. So now we know what will be in 2.6.26, which, I predict, will be released sometime around the beginning of July.

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2.6.25 is out

The 2.6.25 kernel has been released at last by Linus Torvalds. The plan had been to get it out a week or so ago, but a couple of stubborn problems prevented that. A marathon debugging session by Ingo Molnar turned up the last show-stopper on April 15, and the final kernel came out shortly thereafter.

When I predicted that the release would be “around tax day in the US” I came pretty close. Maybe I should do this sort of stuff for a living.

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2.6.25 getting closer (and UBIFS)

I got around to updating the forecast pages for the 2.6.25-rc8 prepatch. At this point things are getting close. My guess is that there will be one more prepatch (-rc9) sometime in the near future and the final 2.6.25 release sometime around the U.S. tax day festivities. Such as they are.

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Ah, yes, user space

The weather forecast pages are quite kernel centric - that’s the area I know best. There is a user-space page, though, featuring a few important components. Many of those have been revised in recent times:

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Security stuff

After updating the current conditions to reflect 2.6.25-rc4, I went into the security page and added some introductory text; I’ll probably do this with the other pages as well over time.

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The 2.6.25 cycle settles in

The 2.6.25-rc1 prepatch was released on February 10. The -rc1 release, of course, indicates the closing of the merge window and the beginning of the stabilization period for this cycle. So I’ve updated all of the weather forecast pages to reflect what went in and what didn’t, and generally updated it (often by extending potential merge dates into the future - I never promised I actually knew what I was talking about…)

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2.6.24 is out

As I predicted, Linus released 2.6.24 just before heading off to in Melbourne. He’s slipping, though: usually he waits until I’ve gotten on a plane and can’t update web sites before shoving a release out the door. I’m still here, though, so the main Weather Forecast page has been updated to reflect the current state of affairs.

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Cleaning up after the holidays

We’re still waiting for the 2.6.24 release, which seems likely to come out near the end of the month - just before While waiting, I’ve gone through and made a large number of small updates throughout the forecast pages. The development kernel is at 2.6.24-rc8 - probably the last -rc for 2.6.24. I’ve tweaked other version numbers where appropriate, added links to stories, etc.

I also cleaned up a substantial number of rather embarrassing typos. I’m really not illiterate, honest.

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Cleaning up before the holidays

This is a relatively slow time of year for kernel development (not too surprisingly), so there have not been a great many updates to the forecast pages. Expect things to pick up in January. Meanwhile, I did catch up to the 2.6.24-rc6 release.

And yes, speaking of January… my prediction that 2.6.24 would come out “around the end of the year” may still prove to be strictly correct, but it was, nonetheless, a bit on the optimistic side. So now I’m saying it will be out in January, which should be safe.

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2.6.24-rc4 at last

Linus took almost three weeks to get 2.6.24-rc4 out - the 2.6.24 process has, in general, been quite slow-moving this way. Normal practice is to try to get -rc releases out once per week. It only took me two days to update the corresponding forecast page, so I feel like I’m doing pretty well. The Btrfs entry has also seen minor updates - version 0.9 just came out. Things are getting better there, Btrfs almost doesn’t crash when the disk gets full…

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