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-rc2, PID namespaces, and TTM

Time for a few basic updates, starting with a somewhat belated acknowledgment that 2.6.24-rc2 is out. Now that I’ve caught up, expect Linus to release -rc3 just about any time.

PID namespaces continue to present complicated issues - it’s hard to present a coherent view of the system while simultaneously putting up walls between groups of processes. The result is that the PID namespace code may well not be available in 2.6.24, even though it will be present in the tree. I’ve added pointers to a couple of articles explaining why.

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Catching up to 2.6.24

The first 2.6.24 prepatch is out, signaling the closing of the merge window. So I have gone and tweaked things all over the Weather Forecast pages to match the new reality. The summary on the main page now shows the highlights of 2.6.24, and various other entries have been changed to reflect what happened during the merge window. In particular I quietly changed the predicted merge dates for all the stuff which I thought would get into this kernel, but didn’t.

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Small updates

The new GNOME development timeline is up; it predicts a GNOME 2.22 release on March 12. The GNOME entry has been updated accordingly.

The x86 merger has happened, so the miscellaneous topics page has been updated accordingly. While I was at it, I added an entry on KGDB - another attempt to get interactive debugger support into the mainline kernel.

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gcc 4.2.2

The user space page has been tweaked to reflect Tuesday’s release of of gcc 4.2.2. This is a minor release containing mostly bug fixes; nothing all that exciting to report.

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SMACK is a simplified mandatory access control module for Linux. It seems likely at this point that SMACK will have the honor of being the first such module to join SELinux in the mainline kernel. So I added an entry on the security page about it.

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The forecast page has been split up

A number of people remarked that the Linux Platform Weather Forecast had become rather too large to read comfortably on a single page. So I’ve split it up into several sub-sections. Most of the content is the same, though there are a couple of exceptions:

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September 27 updates

The “final -rc release” for 2.6.23 wasn’t, so point to -rc8. Added an entry on credential records. Added an entry on FS-Cache.
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Updates for September 24

A few tweaks today:

The current prepatch is 2.6.23-rc7 I changed the forecasts for 2.6.24 a bit; this is beginning to come a little more into focus as the merge window gets closer. Noted the timerfd() difficulties Made the timeframe for syslets more pessimistic. Added another article reference to the large block section.
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