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Ballmer Clarifies Microsoft Announcement

From Microsoft press conference announcing “new interoperability principles” this week:

BRAD SMITH: With respect to other (commercial) distributors, and users, the clear message is that patent licenses will be freely available.

STEVE BALLMER: Patents will be, not freely, will be available.

BRAD SMITH: Readily available.

STEVE BALLMER: Readily available for the right fee.

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Much ado about SCO

Much has already been made of a recent investment proposal filed by private equity firm Stephen Norris Capital Partners with the court overseeing the dwindling assets of the now bankrupt SCO Group. The story possesses all the ingredients of a sensational story: a high profile court case, an unnamed Middle Eastern investor, and a headline-grabbing $100 million dollar numbers.

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Barracuda Patent Case

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Another Billion Dollar Open Source Deal - Congratulations MySQL

Congratulations to all my friends at MySQL. This weeks acquisition by Sun Microsystems has once again validated the high value of open source as competitive strategy. In the financial markets we ended 2007 with SCO quietly being delisted from NASDAQ on December 27th and started the year just two weeks later with a Billion dollar acquisition of an open source software company. There is a lesson to be learned there.

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Looking forward to 2008

Happy New Year from the Linux Foundation! It’s been an exciting and busy first year for the organization. In the last year we focused on promoting, protecting and standardizing the Linux platform. We’ve seen Linux continue to expand with growth in the server, desktop and mobile areas.

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Open source alone won’t give us the freedom we want.

A recent report titled “Roadmap for Open ICT Ecosystems” developed at the Berkman Center for Internet and Society at Harvard law school based in part on input from 13 different countries suggests that government policies should “mandate technology choice, not software development models.”

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Massachusetts Gets the Importance of Open Standards

This weeks Forbes covers how Massachusetts decided that they are planning to move away from Micorsoft Office and is planning to order all state employees to create and save documents using only open format software.

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How Linux Could Overthrow Microsoft

In an interesting article from ZDNet, John Carroll catalogues what he thinks Linux needs to compete with the Microsoft ecosystem. He says,

Ecosystems are essentially standards that extend across software markets. They simplify development by lowering costs, shortening development timeframes and leveraging knowledge across markets.

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Upcoming News at LinuxWorld

As usual, eWeek has excellent coverage of open source and Linux. In this article, Steven Vaughan-Nichols covers the impending news from next week’s Linux World conference, including the LSB and how it fits into the Debian Common Core Alliance. Jim Zemlin, executive director of the FSG, will be speaking at the press conference formally announcing this Alliance next Tuesday.

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FSG at LinuxWorld

Art Tyde, CTO of the Free Standards Group, will be speaking at the upcoming LinuxWorld conference in San Francisco. Please join us for this discussion of the LSB and how it benefits ISVs. Lymeware, a certified LSB-compliant application vendor, will also be there to discuss the LSB from an ISV perspective.

The FSG will also have a booth in the .org pavillion. Members of the workgroup will be available to answer questions. We hope to see you there.

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