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Upcoming News at LinuxWorld

As usual, eWeek has excellent coverage of open source and Linux. In this article, Steven Vaughan-Nichols covers the impending news from next week’s Linux World conference, including the LSB and how it fits into the Debian Common Core Alliance. Jim Zemlin, executive director of the FSG, will be speaking at the press conference formally announcing this Alliance next Tuesday.

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FSG at LinuxWorld

Art Tyde, CTO of the Free Standards Group, will be speaking at the upcoming LinuxWorld conference in San Francisco. Please join us for this discussion of the LSB and how it benefits ISVs. Lymeware, a certified LSB-compliant application vendor, will also be there to discuss the LSB from an ISV perspective.

The FSG will also have a booth in the .org pavillion. Members of the workgroup will be available to answer questions. We hope to see you there.

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