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SUSE Labs Director Talks Live Kernel Patching with kGraft

SUSE Labs last month announced details of its kGraft research project to enable live patching of the Linux kernel. The solution has its benefits, including reduced need for downtime and easier downtime scheduling. It also has some drawbacks, outlined below by Vojtech Pavlik, Director of SUSE Labs.

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Linux Video of the Week: Hands-On with the $25 Firefox Phone

All of the major mobile Linux OS players, from Tizen and Firefox to Sailfish and Ubuntu, had exciting announcements at Mobile World Congress this week (see our coverage of Samsung's Tizen smartwatches

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Dice: How Linux Hiring Compares with the Rest of Tech

The job prospects for Linux professionals are better than ever according to the latest and Linux Foundation Jobs Report released last week. Seventy-seven percent of hiring managers are prioritizing Linux jobs above other openings, and nine in 10 plan to hire Linux pros in the next six months.

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MakerBot's Creative Revolution Runs on Linux

Three dimensional printing has surged in popularity among consumers and manufacturers alike as costs come down and the range of available applications expands. In five years, the global 3D printing market is expected to reach $7.2 billion, up from $2.2 billion in 2013, according to a Transparency Market Research report released last week.

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Linux Video of the Week: kGraft Live Kernel Patching Demo

Late last month SUSE announced it's been working on an open source research project that allows live, runtime patching of the Linux kernel. Currently in the prototype stage, kGraft promises to cut system downtime – a direct benefit to mission-critical computing and scientific research.

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Leaked: Linux’s Look Back Facebook Video

Just for Fun...

After trying to conceal its Facebook posts from the world for nearly a decade, Linux’s Look Back Facebook video leaked today.

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Linux Jobs Report: Linux Pros Work For the Love of Linux, Cutting-Edge Tech

Linux professionals are well paid and highly sought after by job recruiters, but that's not why they chose their careers. They are motivated by their love of Linux and working with the latest, cutting edge technology, according to the annual and Linux Foundation Linux Jobs Report released today.

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Linux Video of the Week: Inside the OpenDaylight SDN Project

Earlier this month at the OpenDaylight Summit, the software defined networking project announced its first code release, called Hydrogen.

Their open source controller is now available for download, published for everyone to see and use. But the structure and culture that got the project to this point, about one year after its formation, isn't so readily available for outsiders to see and understand.

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What Does Your Linux Candy Heart Say?

How does the penguin community celebrate February 14 every year? Is it with a box of chocolates? Maybe if it’s sitting next to our keyboards alongside multiple coffee mugs. What about little Necco Sweethearts? Those “luv you” messages seem a little too general to fully express the amorous thoughts of those with Linux already seeded deep in their hearts. 

So in the spirit of the #rejectedcandyhearts trend on Twitter we thought about command line junkies and kernel devs and asked, “What would their candy hearts say?”

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Pennsylvania High School Rolls Out 1,700 Linux Laptops to Students

A few weeks before Penn Manor High School gave Linux laptops to every student, stacks of the unboxed machines filled a cafeteria. There the Lancaster, Pa. district's IT staff, high school apprentices and volunteers spent winter break configuring and testing all 1,725 laptops in assembly-line fashion, in preparation for the start of the second semester.

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