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LinuxCon Luncheon Connects Women in Technology

One of the highlights of my time at LinuxCon and CloudOpen this year in New Orleans was the first-ever women in open source luncheon held the very first day of the conference. It was a real pleasure and an inspiration to see women from all backgrounds and levels of experience with Linux and open source come together to talk about their skills and interests in technology.

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Managing the Transition to High-Availability Linux for Mission-Critical Workloads

High-availability (HA) Linux is increasingly being used to help companies meet market demands for fast-paced R&D and shorter product cycles. The medical industry, for example, is using server clusters to model the effect of drugs, conduct gene sequencing and develop personalized medication. Large telcos, banks and stock exchanges, ISPs and government agencies also rely on HA Linux to ensure minimal service disruptions in their mission critical workloads.

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Live From LinuxCon: The CloudCast Podcasts on OpenStack Neutron, Canonical, PaaS Deployment, Puppet and Leaving VMWare

On the last day of LinuxCon and CloudOpen North America the “all things cloud computing” podcast, The CloudCast  hosts Aaron Delp and Brian Gracely were busy recording back-to-back episodes.

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Kernel Developers, Linus Torvalds Emphasize Diversity for Innovation

Linus Torvalds and the Linux kernel maintainers on stage today at LinuxCon and CloudOpen covered a range of topics, from personal hobbies to advice for getting patches upstream. But one consistent theme emerged in the discussion: Growing the size and diversity of the Linux kernel developer community -- on the kernel side as well as in user space -- will help push continued innovation even as technology changes.

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Announcing Goose Chase Contest Winners, More Prizes for LinuxCon Europe

Round one of the great LinuxCon Goose Chase contest ends this week at LinuxCon North America. But it’s not too late to enter! Round two begins now with more prizes in store for participants heading into LinuxCon Europe in October.

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Video: Test Your Knowledge of Linux Trivia, Live from LinuxCon

 What is a black squirrel wake-up call? What do the letters in UEFI stand for? We asked LinuxCon and CloudOpen attendees to give us their best answers to these and many more Linux trivia questions on video. They played along and came up with some great answers -- some more correct than others. The video was then shown on the big screen in front of hundreds of Linux professionals who laughed appreciatively, and knowingly. Thanks to all of our participants for helping to make this a fun conference!


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Live from LinuxCon: The CloudCast Podcasts on SaltStack, OpenDaylight, Xen and CoreOS

The CloudCast hosts Aaron Delp and Brian Gracely are recording their podcast on site at LinuxCon and CloudOpen this week in New Orleans, sponsored by Citrix and

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LinuxCon and CloudOpen Live Blog Day 2: OpenStack and Candy Chang

We're live blogging from LinuxCon and CloudOpen in New Orleans at 9 a.m. and 2 p.m. Central, Sept. 16-18. Catch Tuesday afternoon keynotes from Candy Chang, TED fellow and Jonathan Bryce, OpenStack.




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Raspberry Pi's Eben Upton Demos Wayland Support on the Pi

Raspberry Pi Foundation founder and executive director Eben Upton this week gave his promised demonstration of developer features coming soon to the Pi. Though they're still in the very early stages of testing, Upton displayed Weston running native Wayland apps on the Linux-based Pi during his keynote at LinuxCon and CloudOpen on Monday.

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LinuxCon and CloudOpen Live Blog Day 2: Wired's Kevin Kelly and IBM

We're live blogging from LinuxCon and CloudOpen in New Orleans at 9 a.m. and 2 p.m. Central, Sept. 16-18. See yesterday's coverage and follow today's keynotes here and on the live video stream.

9 a.m. (CST)

Brad McCredie, IBM, "Linux, Cloud and Next Generation Workloads."

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