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100,000 Facebook Fans Contest Winner: IT Pro Richard Clinker

The Linux Foundation’s Facebook page surpassed 100,000 fans this month and to celebrate we awarded one of our most loyal fans with a $100 gift certificate to the store and a free pass to LinuxCon North America in New Orleans or LinuxCon Europe in Edinburgh, Scotland.

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Linux Jobs in 2013, a Q&A with Dice's Alice Hill

The job market for Linux professionals this year is even better than it was in 2012. Ninety-three percent of hiring managers surveyed said they plan to hire at least one Linux pro in the next six months -- up from 89 percent last year, according to the 2013 Linux Jobs Report released last week by Dice and The Linux Foundation.

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Linux Fans React to Rumor of Microsoft Office on Linux

The Linux Foundation asked its Twitter followers to weigh in on the rumor that Microsoft might port Office to Linux. Responses ranged from enthusiastic to skeptical to opposed, to just plain hilarious. Here's a collection of some of their tweets.

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The People Who Support Linux: Student Damien Levac Gives 3 Tips for Developing Games on Linux

Valve’s upcoming release of Steam for Linux is the best news student and game developer Damien Levac has heard since he started using Linux three years ago. Not only will it raise the profile of Linux as a gaming platform to rival Windows and OS X, he says, it also reinforces his belief that Linux is the best programming environment for games.

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The People Who Support Linux: Brazilian Developer Hacks Health Care with BeagleBoard and Android

A few years ago, Brazilian developer Daniel Neis Araujo couldn’t imagine building open source health care equipment that could compete with traditional and respected proprietary solutions. But recent advances in Linux and the open hardware movement have allowed a faster development pace and a lower cost of entry for startups in the telemedicine field, in particular, he said.

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Open Source Cloud News Roundup: Week of Nov. 12

This week in open source cloud news headlines ZDNet steps out with a series predicting the winners and losers in cloud computing. One key measurement of success is how much companies are in tune with the open cloud movement. Amazon could be in trouble there, says TechTarget, and needs to adjust its strategy to account for open source momentum. Also in the news this week: CloudStack is a contender; Rackspace's OpenStack distribution has new features; and Nebula offers the hardware component to OpenStack software.

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The People Who Support Linux: IT Manager Pursues Masters Degree in the Art of Open Source

How is the Linux community like a terrorist organization? This is a question graduate student, IT Manager and Systems Engineer Joel Burleson-Davis recently explored for his master’s thesis on sociological and philosophical systems, including Linux.

Though he has a technical background and is employed remotely by a structural and mechanical engineering company in Western Australia, Burleson-Davis is pursuing a Master of Arts degree, driven by his fascination with the open source community.

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The People Who Support Linux: SysAdmin Tony Atkinson Admits to a Luddite Streak

Tony Atkinson’s technical expertise runs deep as a Linux systems administrator for a telecommunications company in Essex, England. He works with the Asterisk PBX (private branch exchange) and communications server and Nagios notification system, writing and maintaining bespoke PHP and shell scripts to control and coordinate phone and SMS services and other general operations in the U.K., U.S.A. and Australia.

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Open Source Cloud News Roundup: Week of Nov. 5

CloudStack has released its first new code since becoming an Apache incubator project in April, according to top open source cloud headlines this week. Also new this week, Eucalyptus will soon have a new release to compare with its open source competitors; Microsoft needs an open cloud strategy; the open cloud is built on Linux; and Netflix releases an open source tool for monitoring AWS deployments. 

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Top New Networking Features in CloudStack 4.0 Release

This week CloudStack 4.0 released its first code since Citrix turned the project over to the Apache Foundation in April. The release brings CloudStack one step closer to graduating from incubation to a top level Apache project.

CloudStack 4.0 also brings an array of new features, though the open source cloud computing platform has been largely focused on legal documentation and code review.

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