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The People Who Support Linux: Tony Awtrey, Linux Developer and Opera Singer

Listening to Tony Awtrey sing Pie Jesu from Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Requiem is awe inspiring. The classically trained tenor has a euphonious voice capable of taking your breath away. He’s also a Linux developer and Chief Scientist in the defense industry.

“It's just a rehearsal, but I still like it,” Awtrey said of his performance (see the video, below), which he edited with open source OpenShot software on his Debian Linux desktop.

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HTML5 and Qt, Two Popular Tools for Embedded Linux Application Development

Along with the proliferation of mobile and touchscreen devices, embedded Linux developers have shifted away from building their own operating systems from scratch. Instead they’ve been moving over the past few years toward frameworks such as the Yocto Project, Tizen or Android.

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Law Librarian Creates LibreOffice, gscan2PDF How-to Videos for 100 Linux Tutorials Campaign

Library technician John Kerr was one of the first Linux community members to add his how-to videos to the 100 Linux Tutorials Video Campaign this year.  The brief screencasts showcase software that he uses everyday in his job at the county court house library for the Wellington Law Association in Guelph, Ontario, Canada.

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Jon Corbet Mulls Linux Kernel Changes

Now that the Linux kernel 3.9 merge window is closed, it's safe to say we know what features will be included in the next kernel release. What lies beyond is predictable, still, but will likely hold a surprise or two. That's where the annual Linux kernel weather report comes in.

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Live Twitter Q&A Thursday with Adapteva CEO on the $99 Linux Supercomputer

Back in October Adapteva wrapped up a successful Kickstarter campaign to build a Raspberry Pi-inspired $99 Linux supercomputer. Next month the company expects the first Parallela boards to be in production -- just in time to show off at The Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit in San Francisco.

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Intro to Real-Time Linux for Embedded Developers

When embedded projects call for for a real-time operating system, Linux developers often turn to PREEMPT-RT, the real-time kernel patch, to get it done.

“The PREEMPT_RT patch (aka the -rt patch or RT patch) makes Linux into a real-time system,” said Steven Rostedt, a Linux kernel developer at Red Hat and maintainer of the stable version of the real-time Linux kernel patch.

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Jaguar Land Rover Seeks Automotive Leadership With Linux

The automotive industry is undergoing a major technological shift and Jaguar Land Rover is at the forefront. The UK-based JLR has embraced Linux as the operating system underlying its next generation In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) systems. The company has also taken a leadership role in advocating for open source development within the automotive industry.

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How to Choose an Embedded Linux Operating System, Part 2

Embedded Linux is hard to define, but at least we know now that Linux pros say Android is not embedded Linux.  (See part 1 in this series, Android vs. Embedded Linux and this week’s Q&A with Mentor Graphics’ John Cherry.) That doesn’t mean, however, that Android isn’t useful in some embedded projects.

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Q&A with Mentor Graphics’ John Cherry: Android or Embedded Linux?

As we discovered last week, Linux pros don’t think Android is the new embedded Linux. Android does, however, have a lot of great uses in embedded projects and many features that even hard core embedded Linux developers can envy.

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Intro to Embedded Linux Part 1: Defining Android vs. Embedded Linux

Is Android the new embedded Linux? Of course not, said Karim Yaghmour, OperSys founder, during the panel discussion on this topic at the Android Builders Summit last month in San Francisco.  It was a question meant to spur discussion, he said, that’s all.

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