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Canonical: Making the Open Cloud Seamless for Users

Cloud computing has made great strides over the past two years as more companies enter the market and open source projects emerge. But the industry is still young and the current model in which each vendor has its own solution is creating “layers from hell” for the end user, says Kyle MacDonald, vice president of cloud at Canonical.

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ZipWhip Releases Cloud Texting App for Linux Desktop

The company that introduced the Textspresso machine to the world has now released its desktop cloud texting application for Linux.

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Intel’s Imad Sousou: Open Cloud Standards will Emerge With More Collaboration

Standardization is the biggest issue facing the open source cloud today, says Imad Sousou, director of Intel’s Open Source Technology Center. Adoption of open formats and interfaces will ensure flexibility and choice for users and vendors of the cloud.

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Open Source Cloud Roundup: Top Headlines Week of July 30

This week in the open source cloud headlines, SUSE makes a splash with its pro-open blog post on Forbes and a shout-out from OStatic for its own cloud contribution. Rackspace and HP both debuted OpenStack-based clouds this week. And Netflix released its Chaos Monkey cloud-testing application to the open source community.

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Inktank’s Ceph: An Open Source Storage Solution for the Enterprise

Editor’s Note: This profile is part of an ongoing weekly series on Leaders of the Open Cloud in advance of CloudOpen, Aug. 29-31 in San Diego.

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Top Open Source Cloud Headlines Week of July 23

This week's top open source cloud news features VMware's acquisition of Nicira; a Q&A with Citrix's Mark Hinkle; the pros and cons of open source cloud platforms for IT managers; and insider news that Nebula has enticed some Rackspace developers away. 

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OpenStack Quantum Project Aims to Define Future of Networking

Much debate has occurred recently over whether Amazon’s API should be considered a de facto standard by cloud computing service providers. Those who reject this notion (ahem, Lew Moorman) say you can’t clone Amazon’s cloud by copying its API alone.

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Citrix’s Hinkle Proposes Linux Model for an Open Source Cloud

As the Senior Director of Cloud Computing Community at Citrix, Mark Hinkle oversees Citrix efforts around the open source Apache CloudStack IaaS platform and Xen hypervisor projects.

Citrix is still very closely involved in CloudStack, which was donated to the Apache Software Foundation in April. Citrix developers are now involved in driving user adoption for CloudStack and helping to shepherd the project through the Apache Foundation’s incubation process.

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Open Source Cloud Roundup: Top Headlines Week of July 16

This week's open source cloud headlines include several OpenStack-related announcements, denials from VMware that it might spin off its own open source Cloud Foundry and a new global-scale CloudStack deployment.

HP Cloud Object Storage and CDN Move to General AvailabilityHP Scaling the Cloud Blog 

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