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Why Women in Tech Can, and Should, Write a Better Resume

Linux jobs are plentiful these days but all hopeful applicants still need a solid resume to land a position. And chances are yours could stand an upgrade.  

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Linux Foundation SysAdmin Andy Grimberg Loves New Tech and Snowboarding

This is the second profile in a series on Linux Foundation system administrators leading up to SysAdmin Day on July 25. Thank you for all of the good work you do!

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The Companies That Support Linux: Nextiva

Google's announcement last week of new work-friendly features in its forthcoming Android L release, along with its

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The People Who Support Linux: Hacking on Linux Since Age 16

Pretty much all of the projects in software developer Yitao Li's GitHub repository were developed on his Linux machine. None of them are necessarily Linux-specific, he says, but he uses Linux for “everything.”

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What's Next For Fedora?

Between the upcoming Fedora 21 release, involvement in Red Hat's Project Atomic, its planned re-structuring under, and its new leader, Matthew Miller, the Fedora Project has a lot going on lately.

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The People Who Support Linux: Systems Engineer Teaching Himself Python

Systems engineer Renault Ellis started using Linux five years ago when he was enrolled in a security and forensics program.

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