TAB Meeting, August 3, 2007

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  • OSAPA is looking for technical people (preferably with a patent

interest or background) to attend the OSAPA and tagging
workshop in Austin during the week of 17 September Amanda would
like to explain in more detail what they want (and possibly ask
for volunteers).

  • LF Fellowship Tech Writer status. Hopefully we should have a

report from Rob, so we can review it any discuss progress.

  • Portland Linux Conference - discussion lead by Greg
  • NDA Programme. Probably just noting that Adaptec finally

coughed up the aic7xxx/aic79xx docs under this, so we can count
it as quite a success.

  • PCI SIG membership status
  • Any update on the USB sig? - Greg
  • Any other business.


  • James Bottomley
  • Dan Kohn
  • Arjan van de Ven
  • Randy Dunlap
  • Jim Zemlin
  • Andy Updegrove
  • Greg Kroah-Hartman
  • Christoph Lameter
  • Markus Rex


OSAPA event

Andy described OSAPA initiative and OSDL's previous support for it.
OSAPA currently stalled, needs to get moving again. Meeting in May was
good step. Next meeting is "tagging" workshop and to get 4 patent
applications to get discussed. LF was asked to help find kernel
volunteers. Challenge is the translation between patent application and
kernel code, how is this handled? Goal is to create a database with
references. James and Christoph voiced their interest.

kernel documentation project

General unhappiness with performance of contractor. Current model not
working. Existing SOW (sent by Jim) not detailed enough to have good
handle. TAB will define objectives for next 3 months, biweekly status
calls will be set up and the "personality"-issue will be explained to
him. Review whether changes happened in September. James and Randy are
contact points on TAB.

conference in portland

Review of material Greg sent out. LF generally supportive, willing to
provide help with upfront money, provided the whole event is
revenue-neutral and the LF gets the money back. Constructive working
together between conference organizers and LF staff is required, or
support cannot be given.

NDA program

Adaptec finally comes around. LF to follow up on mail from James on DVB
devices to help with vendor. This help works best if direct contact
person is provided to LF, otherwise chances of success much smaller and
more time consuming. LF to provide NDA program files on website. LF
asked to create link to device driver program from Greg.


3k membership by LF is ok. Dan to follow up with TAB.


Greg still in doubt on viability of membership


At kernel summit reelect members. James will drive this and also send
announcement to LKML.

TAB website

Go ahead with the move of the TAB pages at OSDL to media-wiki.