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Friday 5 January 2007

Technical Advisory Board Conference Call Minutes


James Bottomly
Randy Dunlap
Tom Hanrahan
Greg Kroah-Hartman
Christoph Lameter
Craig Thomas
Chris Wright

Action Items:

 1. Greg to write up a description of the documentation to write
    for the candidate interview process for the Technical Writer


1. Status of the Doc Writer Fellowship
2. DCL F2F meeting in Palo Alto, January 24
3. New OSDL Process Model
4. TAB Chair's OSDL At-Large Board Seat


1. status report on the Technical Writer position

More resumes have been received and the TAB is processing them as
the come in. In the mean time, it had been decided that as part of
the interview process, a sample of their writing should be created
and submitted. In order to determine if the candidate is right for
the job, a real-world example of documenting actual kernel code needs
to be submitted. The TAB has determined a portion of the kernel that
will be used to create the writing sample and candidates will be
notified on the process that needs to followed.

2. DCL Face-to-Face - will be held January 23-25 in Palo Alto

The topics to be discussed are:

 - Virtualization
 - Device Drivers
 - Microsoft Interoperability
 - RAS (Reliability, Availability, Serviceability)

Attendees from the TAB include James, Andrew, and Christoph. Tom
will send the invitation information to Christoph.

3. New OSDL Process Model

Tom gave a presentation to the TAB about a proposed method of
improving effectiveness of current OSDL members and to provide
a better means for communication between the kernel community,
the end-users, and the current work groups. The TAB was asked
to provide feedback to Tom on the proposed model.

OSDL TAB Chair Position and At-Large Positon on OSDL's BOD

A discussion of election of chairs for the technical board has been
resolved: James and Greg will remain as chair/vice chair until
October of this year.