QUORA - 5 Tips for Utilizing Social Media to Get Your Dream Job


Social media is a part of every aspect of people’s lives, and job hunting is no exception. Regardless of whether you currently have a job or not, there are ways you can utilize social media to help you get the job you really want. Here are 5 tips to help you leverage the power of social media in your favor when looking for a job.


1. Become an Active LinkedIn User. As far as social networks rank, LinkedIn is the number one social network for professionals looking for jobs and for employers and recruiters looking for new talent. It isn’t enough to just set up a profile. You want to be an active member of the LinkedIn community. Keep your profile updated and relevant. Provide as much information as you can in the profile and bio. Connect with other people in the position you want to be in and with companies you want to work for. Share status updates that are relevant and educated. Join groups of like-minded professionals.


2. Become an online authority. Google is big on promoting websites and individuals that have established themselves as authorities within their field. Start up a website and post articles on a regular basis. Make sure your articles are relevant to your field, interesting, and reflect your level of expertise. Use your social networks to promote your website and build a following.


3. Watch what you post online. A lot of people seem to go with the attitude that they can post whatever they want on their personal page. While that is true, people also need to accept the consequences that come with posting whatever you want to post on a “personal” page that is viewable by the general public. Posting inappropriate statuses, jokes, and photos is a sure-fire way to not get hired by a company that is profession and concerned about their outward appearance. Hundreds, if not thousands, of people have lost their jobs or not been hired solely because of things they posted in social networks.


4. Add your profession to your profile. Even if you only use your personal page to post pictures of your pets or kids, you want to keep your profession, academic background and employment updated. Facebook is offering a new advertising feature that will allow companies to market open positions to people based on their stated employers and professions. Keeping yours updated will help employers find you when they are looking to fill an open position.


5. Follow the social media pages and websites of the companies you want to work for. This will help you know quickly when they have positions available. It will also help you stay current on what they are doing. When you go into an interview, employers like it when you already know about the company and their current projects; it shows you are truly interested.


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