2010 GSoC Kernel work

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Improving tracing in perf events / ftrace

(an idea from a student)

Using trace events under perf events is still a young feature and needs various improvements.

  • Syscall events can carry only raw values and addresses. We need to make them "aware" of strings and structure contents from userspace.
  • Make function / function graph tracers usable by perf.
  • Optimize tracing fast-path.
  • Improve perf tools to better handle trace events scalability.
  • Provide new perf tools that exploit trace events (scheduler
    migration analysis, etc...).
  • Implement a per context excluding (eg: exclude irqs, exclude functions, etc...).

Of course, each of these elements can require a lot of work; probably the whole task list cannot be completed during the GSOC period, so for a single student it will be enough to complete only some of the items.