OpenPrinting Summit San Francisco 2010

Actionable next steps toward the goal of making printing on Linux "just work".

The printing activities of the Linux Foundation revolve around a few focal points:

  • For printer manufacturers, we want to make it easier to produce drivers that work across distributions and to get those drivers in the hands of end users, to reduce problems that result from running unsuitable or outdated drivers.
  • For application developers, we want to provide better facilities than we have today to add printing to applications in a portable and consistent way and so that the user gets full access to the printer's and the printing system's facilities and reliable results.
  • For operating system vendors, we want to put together a shared repository of printer drivers, so the OS/distribution vendors can share the burden of maintaining the (largely common) driver database with each other. We also want to assure that all parts of the printing stack (spooler, renderer, driver, filters, ...) work consistently and reliably together.

A major theme of the OpenPrinting Summit is ensuring that we have the proper standards in place at both the application and driver level to accomplish the goal of making printing on Linux "just work". In addition, we will discuss related topics, such as developer tools, developer documentation, and testing, that will be important to the goal of making the standard actionable.

Also general development of the printing infrastructure, like Color Management, automatic driver download, PDF workflow, Ghostscript, XPDF/Poppler, ... will be discussed.


We are inviting the most important people on the area of printing with Linux and free software, like developers of printing infrastructure (CUPS, Ghostscript, Poppler, Color Management, OpenUsability, ...), printer drivers (Gutenprint, ...), representatives of printer manufacturers (Ricoh, HP, Epson, Lexmark, Canon, Samsung, ...), distribution vendors (Red Hat, SUSE, Ubuntu, ...), and more.

We will also have joint sessions with the LSB and the driver backports workgroups.

We also offer a call-in service for all sessions and so people who are not able to come can still participate.

Most probably more people than the invited ones will attend, as the OpenPrinting Summit is part of the Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit which has a total of more than 400 attendees.

These are the attendees who confirmed and/or registered up to now for participating personally (names in alphabetical order, if not otherwise stated they are present on all three days):

  1. Danny Brennan (IBM)
  2. Suma Byrappa (HP)
  3. Ozan Caglayan (Pardus)
  4. Daniel Dai (Kyocera, Thu and Fri only)
  5. Paul Danbold (Apple)
  6. Junichiro Hamaguchi (Kyocera, Wed and Thu only)
  7. Mike Jazayeri (Google, Thu and Fri only)
  8. Till Kamppeter (The Linux Foundation, OpenPrinting)
  9. Kevin Luo (Kyocera)
  10. Marc Pawlinger (Google, Thu and Fri only)
  11. Glen Petrie (Epson)
  12. Kate Price (m+mi works)
  13. Hitoshi Sekine (Ricoh)
  14. Barry Sia (Kyocera, Thu only)
  15. Peter Sikking (m+mi works)
  16. Sekhar Sirigiri (HP)
  17. Michael Sweet (Apple, Fri only)
  18. Joseph Tamker (IntelliTech)
  19. Charles Torrejos (Lexmark)
  20. Paul Tykodi (Tykodi Consulting)
  21. Michael Vrhel (Artifex)
  22. William Wagner (Technical Interface Consulting, Thu and Fri only)
  23. Steven Yeager (

This is the list of attendees who will probably call in (names in alphabetical order, note that these attendees will perhaps only call in for selected sessions):

  1. Hin-Tak Leung
  2. Ira McDonald (OpenPrinting, High North/Samsung)
  3. Tim Waugh (Red Hat)


We plan to cover the following topics (days, order, and duration are subject to change):

If not otherwise stated, the sessions will take place in the Garden A room.

Wednesday, April 14 (Recordings: Morning, 47MB, 2h 14min)

08:00AM - 09:00AM Breakfast

Room: Lobby

09:00AM - 09:30AM Keynote: Welcome and State of the Linux Union

Jim Zemlin, Executive Director at The Linux Foundation

Room: Imperial A

09:30AM - 09:45AM Intro

Till Kamppeter, OpenPrinting Manager


Downloadable Distribution-Independent Driver Packages (a small one-day seminar)

The contents of the seminar is based on the page "Designing, Writing, and Packaging Printer Drivers" on the OpenPrinting web site.


09:45AM - 10:15AM How to design the drivers?

Till Kamppeter, OpenPrinting Manager

10:15AM - 10:45AM Break
10:45AM - 11:45AM How to design the drivers? (Continued)

Till Kamppeter, OpenPrinting Manager

11:45AM - 01:15PM Lunch

Room: Imperial B

01:15PM - 03:15PM PPD extensions for Common Printing Dialog
Packaging drivers

Till Kamppeter, OpenPrinting Manager

03:15PM - 03:45PM Break
03:45PM - 04:45PM Hosting and uploading driver info to OpenPrinting
Printer setup process with automatic driver download

Till Kamppeter, OpenPrinting Manager

06:00PM - 08:30PM Evening Reception

Thursday, April 15 (Recordings: Morning, 65MB, 3h 7min, Afternoon, 75 MB, 3h 35min)

08:00AM - 09:00AM Breakfast

Room: Lobby

09:00PM - 09:30PM Driver installation on Fedora

Tim Waugh, Red Hat (by phone)


09:30AM - 10:15AM Advances and Innovations in the Common Printing Dialog

Kate Price, m+mi works

Great steps have been made progressing the Common Printing Dialog in the last twelve months. keeping it on schedule for an autumn 2010 release in all major linux distributions. Kate Price will present all major UI innovations and demo the latest working prototype.

10:15AM - 10:45AM Break
10:45AM - 11:00AM Advances and Innovations in the Common Printing Dialog (Continued)

Kate Price, m+mi works

11:00AM - 12:00PM Common Printing Dialog User Testing, Round 2: Reality Bites!

Peter Sikking, m+mi works

You have seen the latest developments in the common printing dialog, but is all this innovation working for users? Peter Sikking shows impressions from a second round of usability testing, this time with a working prototype. He then presents the overall test results and next steps for the common printing dialog.

12:00PM - 01:00PM Lunch

Room: Imperial B

01:00PM - 03:00PM Common Printing Dialog - Further Discussion

Peter Sikking, Kate Price, m+mi works

03:00PM - 03:30PM Break
03:30PM - 04:15PM

Printing in the Era of Cloud Computing

Marc Pawliger, Mike Jazayeri, Google


04:15PM - 05:00PM Joint Meeting with Driver Backports workgroup

Friday, April 16 (Recordings: Afternoon, 80 MB, 3h 48min)

08:00AM - 09:00AM Breakfast

Room: Lobby

09:00AM - 10:15AM CUPS - Common Unix Printing System

Mike Sweet, Apple

  • Status of development
  • What is planned?

Slides: CUPS, IPP Everywhere

10:15AM - 10:45AM Break
10:45AM - 12:00PM Joint Meeting with the LSB workgroup
  • Inclusion in LSB 4.1:
    • Full CUPS API
    • CUPS PPD parsing API
    • SANE API
  • Problems with using the LSB for printer drivers
    • LSB requires Posftfix (and perhaps other server software), this makes installation of LSB packages difficult for desktop users


12:00PM - 01:00PM Lunch

Room: Imperial B

01:00PM - 02:00PM Color Management

Michael Vrhel, Artifex

  • Color Management implementation in Ghostscript, Demo
  • ICC profile management in CUPS


02:00PM - 03:00PM Common Printing Dialog II
  • Getting it into desktops and applications
  • CUPS, D-Bus, ...
03:00PM - 03:30PM Break
03:30PM - 04:00PM Open Source Imaging and Printing Solutions by HP

Suma Byrappa, HP


05:15PM - 05:30PM Should we do a three-day seminar?

Till Kamppeter, OpenPrinting Manager

04:00PM - 05:00PM Further Discussion, Wrap-up

Event Logistics

As the OpenPrinting Summit is held together with the Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit. See there for more detailed information.



Wednesday-Friday, April 14-16


The OpenPrinting Summit takes place together with the Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit in San Francisco at the same location, the Hotel Kabuki.

We will have one room for 30-40 people through all three days for the OpenPrinting Summit, so that it takes place in parallel to the Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit. We will have joint meetings of between 1 or 2 hours each with the LSB and Driver Backports workgroups. We will perhaps also get 1 or 2 breakout rooms for 10-15 people which will allow us to split the group for some more specialized sessions.

Mailing List

For any questions or discussion about the contents or the Logistics of this event please use our mailing list. Please subscribe to the list if you are interested in the OpenPrinting Summit and/or want to attend it.

Everything important for attendees will only be announced on the list and summarized on this Wiki page, so please subscribe or stay subscribed if you like to attend.

Preparation conference calls

There will be 4 preparation conference calls for the event. They will be on Wednesdays, in the morning in the US and in the afternoon in Europe.


Dial-in number: +1-218-936-7999
Access code: 491659#

If not otherwise stated the same dial-in number and access code will be used for all preparation conference calls and also for dialing into the Printing Summit itself (see below).


The OpenPrinting Summit is held together with the Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit. Therefore we use the same registration form for both events.

If you want to attend sessions of both events, please register only once through this registrstion page.

NOTE: Very important is to mention "OpenPrinting Summit" under "Why would you like to attend the summit?" and/or "OpenPrinting" under "If yes, which workgroups?". Then your registration will get directly forwarded to the organizers of the OpenPrinting Summit. Otherwise it would be treated only be the organizers of the LF Collaboration Summit and they could reject your participation.

To the registration page

Please register early, as the number of participants is limited.

Participation by calling in

We set up a conference phone in the main room of the OpenPrinting Summit so that if you are not able to attend the Summit you can participate by calling in.

We will use the same phone number and access code as for the preparation conference calls:

OpenPrinting Summit main room
Dial-in number: +1-218-936-7999
Access code: 491659#

NOTE: How well the call-in participation works depends very much on the room acoustics and the quality of the equipment on the conference site. Especially in big rooms there are often problems.

We will also have screen casts available for the whole event. Please go to the HP Virtual Rooms web site and then enter in the fields on the left your name and the session code. Then click on "Go" and follow the instructions. Supported browsers are Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer. You will asked to download and install a free-of-charge software (available for Linux, Mac OS X, Windows). This software will display the screen cast.

The session key for the mornings of the three days is EPLLYJYVS9 and for the afternoons it is EP2AK83QGX.


We will have negotiated room rates in the hotel where the event take place, the Hotel Kabuki ($139/night plus taxes, book online) and also in the partner hotel Hotel Tomo ($119/night plus taxes. book online). When contacting either of these hotels to make your reservation, please ask for the Linux Foundation group rate.

More details here, on the "HOTEL AND TRAVEL" tab.

Sponsorship Opportunities

The preferred form of sponsoring the OpenPrinting Summit is overtaking the expenses for travel, accomodation, and meals for one or more of the participants who do not get their costs reimbursed by their employers, as they work on printing with free software in their spare time, independent of their jobs.

The Linux Foundation will also sponsor some participants, but we will probably get more requests for sponsorships. Note also that getting member of the Linux Foundation or donating to the OpenPrinting work group at the Linux Foundation can raise money for sponsoring the Summit, too.

If you want to sponsor, we can supply you with a list of sponsorship requests.

Please contact the organization team (see below).

Organization Team

Till Kamppeter (till at linux-foundation dot org, Content/Agenda), Ira McDonald (blueroofmusic at gmail dot com, Content/Agenda).