Kyocera FAQ

General Questions

In which forum should I ask Kyocera questions?

Forum: Printers from Kyocera and Kyocera-Mita

Where can I find a table of working Kyocera printers?

Kyocera FS-1010

Which PPD do I use?

The PPD on linuxprinting has a bug which has caused some problems.
This is not known to be resolved.
These might work

The PPD file from the Kyocera cd that is known working is called
km1010ee.ppd, it should be located in

How do I know if it is a PostScript printer?

If the FS-1010.PPD is working, then the FS-1010
is compatible with PostScript Level 2 (KDPL2). The default factory
setting does not enable PostScript. Change the switch auto
to KDPL2.

How do I switch it to PostScript?

echo -en '!R! FRPO P1, 9; EXIT' > /dev/usblp0

/dev/usblp0 has to be substituted with your preferred interface.

Where can I find more FRPO commands?

In the cdrom that came with the printer, there is a PDF file
located in document/softsupp/notes called INTRO.pdf that
contains the FRPO commands. See Chapter 2, page 2-122.

What are the alternative modes?

Very irritating is
the fact, that there is an alternative emulation also, and, in
prescribemode (which is also used when printing status pages), the
printer changes to alternate mode. To change that setting, you have to send

echo -en '!R! FRPO P8, 0; EXIT > /dev/usblp0 

For more info on prescribe commands, see the documentation on the cd
which comes with the printer.

How do I change the printer modes in Windows?

On a Win 9X system, you can also
use the remote operation panel from the cd.

What GNU/Linux Printer Driver should I use?

CUPS + FS-1010.PPD

CUPS with the PPD File supplied on the Kyocera CD.
It was contained in a zip file for PPDs for windows.
It's called KM1010UE.PPD

Is it able to print duplex (both sides of a paper)?

No. at least not in Hardware. You can print in odd/even 2-pass mode ;-)

I have a problem with printing landscape with CUPS?

Why does printing a pdf send through raw text?

Don't use a "raw" queue.

Where can I download the latest PPD files?

Why is the printing very slow?

One solution is to use the ijs-ppd for the Brother HL-1050.
Another is to install more RAM, which may help with large PostScript