Lanier FAQ

General Questions

In which forum should I ask Lanier related questions?

In the Ricoh forum, because Lanier is one of the Ricoh brands.

Where can I find a table of working Lanier printers?

How well does Lanier support free software?

Lanier is a Ricoh brand, therefore the Unix/Linux support for the
Lanier printers comes primarily from Ricoh and this support is
excellent. See also the Ricoh FAQ.

Also Ulrich Wehner from Lanier does excellent work. He answers user
questions on the forums and provides test
PPDs/scripts/drivers/instructions to the users, before they get
released on

Lanier 2138 Colour Laser Printer

Does this printer work with free software?

Yes, the printer supports Postscript. Free driver available at All printer options are supported, including 1200dpi.

Which driver do I use?

This printer is a PostScript printer. It is confirmed to work with CUPS.

What printer languages does the printer understand?

The printer supports both PCL and PostScript Level 3.

Does network printing work?

Yes, the printer uses port 9100, or LPR for printing.

Is there a website?

Yes. There is a webpage at