Xerox FAQ

General Questions

In which forum should I ask Xerox related questions?

Forum: Printers from Xerox and Tektronix

Where can I find a table of working Xerox printers?

Workcentre M940/950

How do I set it up?

The printfunction works in GNU/Linux. Use the install method of a M760.

Xerox WorkCenter XK50cx

How do I set it up?

Setting it up as a Lexmark GDI inkprinter with
Ghostscript "stp" driver.

gs -DIVICE=stp -sMODEL=lexmark-z52 

How well are the options supported?

All resolutions and quality parameter are available.
It is important to use the Lexmark Z52 model. Other
models aren't compatible to higher resolutions ober 600x600

Xerox DocuPrint 4635 report

Where do I get the PPD?

Unfortunately Xerox doesn't provide a PPD file by itself so I
had to borrow a Windows computer, download the Windows drivers, and
then copy the xdp4635.ppd file from the Windows host to the
GNU/Linux CUPS server.

Does duplexing work?

Yes. Duplexing works.

Xerox WorkCentre Pro 685

Does it work with Mac OS X?

Yes, using Gimp-Print and GhostScript. Use the HP LaserJet 4/5/6
PPD as the model within the printer set up.