Inkjet Architecture FAQ


How do I compile ijs for Solaris Sparc (8 and 9)?

If building a shared object, you should use -fPIC to produce
position independent code.

If you download
and apply this to the unpacked ijs 0.34 tarball

gunzip -cd ijs_0.34-1.diff.gz | patch -p1

then libtool will be used to compile and link the library. This should
know the correct compiler and linker flags.

How do I specify per page characteristics?

The IjsPageHeader contains the width and height of the page. The
page size can change from page to page when set by setpagedevice. I
think resolution is also allowed to change. Some other items like bps
(bits per sample) and n_chan (number of channels) are not allowed to
change (at least not in Ghostscript which prevents BitsPerPixel from
changing after the device is open).

Actually, this isn't true; the CUPS driver for Ghostscript can change
BitsPerPixel (actually for the CUPS driver it's cupsBitsPerColor that
changes) on-the-fly; it is only gdevprn.c that doesn't check for a
change in image depth.