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In which forum should I ask Samsung related questions?

Forum: Printers from Samsung

Where can I find a table of working Samsung printers?

Linux Printing Package Driver software

What is it?

Samsung has a new printer driver for linux. They call it
the Linux Printing Package. It is in fact a bundled version
of BrightQ.

What printers are supported?

Has the following PPD's included:

  • ML-1210spl.ppd
  • ML-1450ps.ppd
  • ML-1750spl2.ppd
  • ML-6060ps.ppd
  • ML-1430spl.ppd
  • ML-1450spl.ppd
  • ML-2150ps.ppd
  • ML-7300pcl.ppd
  • ML-1440spl.ppd
  • ML-1510spl2.ppd
  • ML-2150spl2.ppd
  • ML-7300ps.ppd
  • ML-1450pcl.ppd
  • ML-1710spl2.ppd
  • ML-6060pcl.ppd

Where do I get it?

Here are some links:

Caught fatal signal 11!! Aborting.

The samsung filter ppmtospl2 is incompatible with newer Linux
distributions. The problem has been reported with RedHat v9 and
Mandrake (now Mandriva) "Cooker" (around version 9.1).

This is likely a library error, but may lie in the binary itself.
There is no known solution. There are two possible solutions you
can try.

First, try using the free [1]gdi ghostscript driver.
ppmtospl2 should start working. This requires using
ESP GhostScript.

Second, you can try to load the ppmtospl2 script by preloading old
libraries. First, obtain the old libraries that are needed. These
are, and Next,
edit the library and and change all
instances of the string /lib/ to /lib/
Very Important: The new name of the library (/lib/
must be exactly the same length as the old name /lib/, or
the binary will not work anymore.
Then copy your old to lib/test/ Finally,
set the environment variable LD_PRELOAD to point to the new library directory.
Now try to run the filter.

Why doesn't LPP work with new versions of CUPS?

One problem is that LPP doesn't call the lp program with the
correct arguments. It tries to issue

/usr/bin/lp -d samsung -n 1 -p 50 -o Collate=True /tmp/lppgzLDQR

but -d, -n, and -p are not valid options.

One solution is to use a small script to remap the options. First,
change the lp program to cupsdoprint. Second, download this
script, copy it to where the lp program was, and make it executable.

There is a backup copy here: