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HP USB device compatibility

Reports indicate that each of the following HP devices may employ a non-standard USB printing interface. In all cases the HPIJS driver should produce device-compatible printer code, but the standard Mac OS X USB "backend" may fail to successfully transfer the data to device. Please be aware that your device MAY function normally, even if it appears in this list!

If your device fails to print and you are reasonably sure that you set it up correctly then you may be experienceing this problem. As a workaround you may be able to print to your device by using an alternate connection interface (but this method is not well tested). For devices with a parallel port you can try a compatible USB-to-parallel cable, or a parallel-port print server. Devices that lack a parallel port may possibly function with a compatible USB print server.

The following devices have no parallel port but may operate using a JetDirect 175X, 310X, or 380X USB print server

  • HP OfficeJet V Series
  • HP PSC 700 Series
  • HP PSC 900 Series
  • HP PSC 2100 Series
  • HP PSC 2150 Series
  • HP PSC 2200 Series
  • HP PhotoSmart 100
  • HP PhotoSmart 130
  • HP PhotoSmart 230
  • HP PhotoSmart 7150
  • HP PhotoSmart 7550

Parallel port capable devices

  • HP OfficeJet D125
  • HP OfficeJet D135
  • HP OfficeJet D145
  • HP OfficeJet D155
  • HP OfficeJet G55
  • HP OfficeJet G85
  • HP OfficeJet G95
  • HP OfficeJet K Series
  • HP PhotoSmart 1115
  • HP PhotoSmart 1315
  • HP LaserJet 1200
  • HP LaserJet 1220
  • HP LaserJet 2200
  • HP LaserJet 3200(se,m)
  • HP LaserJet 3300
  • HP LaserJet 3310
  • HP LaserJet 3320
  • HP LaserJet 3330

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