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Friday August 4, 2006

Technical Advisory Board Conference Call Minutes


James Bottomley
Stuart Cohen
Tom Hanrahan
Greg Kroah-Hartman
Matt Mackall
Andrew Morton
Leann Ogasawara
Arjan van de Ven
Chris Wright

Motions Passed:

1) Add the Bug Tracker Fellowship Fund proposal to the pending queue and
carry over for one month.
2) Make a recommendation to the Technical and Marketing Sub-Committee of
the OSDL Board to fund a Technical Writer.

Action Items:

1) James to run Tech Writer proposal past Linus for approval.
2) OSDL will have their HR Department price out a ball park figure for a
Tech Writer.
3) Leann to ask Kathy Anderson to add Tech Writer recommendation as an
agenda item to the next Technical and Marketing Sub-Committee.
4) Tom to send out email asking to identify key community developers that
should be invited to speak at the Japan Linux Symposium. Also propose a
list of topics.
5) Via email, document a list of companies to approach with the NDA
program. Also list specific hardware.
6a) Send list to tech-board mailing list of hardware wanted for the
hardware lending library.
6b) Ping John Linville and David Arlie to solicit info for hardware wanted
in regards to the hardware lending library.
7) Add Andrew to tech-board mailing list


1) Review of Fellowship Fund Request
2) OSDL Japan Linux Symposium
3) LWE Kernel Dev Sessions
4) NDA Program
5) Any new issues the TAB wants addressed
6) Other items of business

Review of Fellowship Fund Request

It was discussed at the Kernel summit for the need to have a bug
coordinator/triage manager. Dave is still trying to work it out so bugs
are reported to the OSDL bugzilla. Martin Bligh admins the current
bugzilla and Kees Cook has helped out as well. Kees administers the
tool, Martin handles the actual content. Andrew has also been thinking of
asking google to get someone to work with him on this bug tracking issue.
The TAB feels that this proposal meets their criteria. It would have a
broad and useful impact on the community. The TAB suggested it be
accepted into the pending proposal queue, however placed below the git
proposal regarding it's level of urgency. The TAB will carry over the
proposal one more month until Andrew can find out more information from
Google. Missing from proposal is someone to do the triage as well. It
does mention rates as well as possible contractors. If the TAB can
provide names of individuals who would be interested in filling this
position, that would be helpful. However, ideally someone will come
forward. Bryce Harrington, the submitter of the proposal will not be
involved in developing this proposal. A motion to carry this proposal
over for one month was presented and passed.

A motion to make a recommendation to the Technical and Marketing
Sub-Committee of the OSDL Board to fund tech writer passed. They will
need more information on how much and how long to fund the Tech Writer.
One of the TAB members thought the fellowship fund is managed by the TAB
itself? This is not the case, the TAB recommends to the OSDL Board about
fund allocation. However, they do not anticipate that the Technical and
Marketing Sub-Committee will overturn their request. The other small
piece is that this needs to be run by Linus. It was thought that either
Linus or Andrew would suffice, but in the actual TAB charter it specifies
Linus. James will run this by him. If that can be pulled together
quickly, the next Technical and Marketing Sub-Committee is on Wednesday.
There are about 4 candidates to do the work. Funding for a year will have
to be a reasonable price point for a tech writer for a year. It's
recommended that the TAB go to the Technical and Marketing Sub-Committee
with as much information as possible. OSDL will have their HR Department
price out a ball park figure for a Tech Writer. Leann will ask Kathy
Anderson to add this as an agenda item for the next Technical and
Marketing Sub-Committee meeting.

OSDL Japan Linux Symposium

This is scheduled for Sept 11 and 12. The subject matter is file systems,
testing or gcc, and debugging. Ted is committed to attending and speaking
about file systems as well as being a representative from the TAB. Tom
has a good list of names to talk about gcc. If testing is a topic, Martin
is unable to attend, but Andy Whitcroft has been invited but hasn't
replied. Fernando will cover the 3rd slot on debugging. There is also a
symposium scheduled for November and the key topic for that is device
drivers. Ted will attend that as well. Tom is trying to get new faces at
each symposium. What Tom would really like help with is identifying key
people they should make sure to invite. He would like the TAB's help in
recruiting people. It would be helpful to people when Tom approaches them
that they know the TAB is supporting this effort. They've had trouble
getting attendance to the September meeting partly because of a late start
in the recruiting process but also because some people are skeptical about
wanting to participate. If they could get good support from the TAB, it
would be helpful. Chris and James would be good advocates. On the
tech-board mailing list, identify key community devs we'd want to have
invite. Also propose a list of topics. Tom will send out mail. It would
be good to take advantage of the pool of talent who will already be there
for other functions - OSDL Board, LF Board.

LWE Kernel Dev Sessions

Just wanted to inform everyone of the date and times of this session -
Thursday August 17, 10:30am - 1:30pm.


OSDL will work with LWE and Greg to get his travel reimbursed.

NDA Program

What other companies would the TAB like to approach about NDA's?
Freescale is excited about getting involved. HP is still stuck on an
external legal issue. The TAB has to wait on a resolution until that
happens. The TAB should possibly move forward with Freesacle? On the
other side, is there a list of companies from the kernel developer side
that they would like to get engaged with? TAB members do have a list but
no direct contacts with those companies. Greg and James both mentioned
they can provide names. It was noted that we need to list everything for
starters and record status of each so we can make progress. The TAB will
capture names via email and also specifically list hardware.

Any new issues the TAB wants addressed

Back in January there seemed like there were 5 big issues. Coming out of
Ottowa is there any hot topic on the list that is not there today? The
bug tracking was a big issue but that is now being addressed via the
Fellowship Fund request. There's also a fair amount of interest in the
hardware lending library. It just needs some organization and a small
amount of funding for things like shipping. Freescale is very interested
in donating hardware if it could be distributed to appropriate developers
and returned. It would be good to put together a proposal listing
hardware wanted from developers but also hardware that vendors want to
donate. It came up in March to see if OSDL could help fund this, the
answer came back no. Has this changed? OSDL has a series of companies
that could be approached. Companies are much more open to fund this as
the TAB has made good progress. They're willing to take on more activity
now. If we can build a list of hardware needed/coming in, OSDL can build
a program around it. Send a wish list of hardware (critical hardware)
needed. James and Greg can send in what they want. Every vendor has a
different idea of what they think is critical. HP had a process of
throwing out random hardware and seeing if any developers were interested.

Continuing practices like that would help.  The TAB can tab can also

solicit a list from Jeff Garzik. Chis pinged him. John Linville might be
good to solicit as well. Talk to Aryan about hardware needed from intel.
Ping David Arlie about graphics domain.

Other items of business

  • Re-electing Randy back to the TAB. As of the posting of these minutes,

Randy has been elected as the 10th member of the TAB.

  • Going back to Wim about funding for fellowship fund. We now have very

specific things we want to do and have an opportunity to go get donations
for them.

  • Everyone probably saw the article about Andrew going from Digio and

sponsored by OSDL to now working at Google but continuing to be sponsored
by OSDL. He's still doing the same activities. Stuart just wanted to
make sure everyone was aware. Please relay this information if any
question about it is brought up.

  • About two months ago there was semi informal request from Simon via

James about some Xen testing. The response crafted from the TAB did make
it back to Simon. Both James and Chris talked with him at OLS