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Friday September 1, 2006

Technical Advisory Board Conference Call Minutes


James Bottomley
Randy Dunlap
Tom Hanrahan
Greg Kroah Hartman
Leann Ogasawara
Ted Ts'o
Arjan van de Ven
Chris Wright

Action Items:

    1. James to write Tech Writer proposal and post to the tech-board
       mailing list.
    2. Leann to check with Tim Golden about distributing his LUAC
       presentation given at the OSDL Board meeting to the TAB
    3. Leann will forward OSDL SAS topology to the TAB.


    1. Status on Tech Writer candidates
    2. Report from the OSDL board meeting
    3. NDA Program and Hardware Lending Library
    4. TAB's recommendation regarding driver writer certification
    5. Other items of business

1. Status on Tech Writer candidates

James issued a call for volunteers on the tech-board mailing list to
write a proposal for the Tech Writer. No one has stepped forward so
James will write the proposal and distribute it to the mailing list for
review. Once that is approved, OSDL will run the proposal past Diane as
well as HR. The proposal will then be distributed to public mailing
lists as well as appropriate PR firms.

2. Report from the OSDL board meeting


3. NDA Program and Hardware Lending Library

Tom gave an update. Tom's expecting equipment through Adaptec via Jack
Hammer and will make that available to selected community members.
He'll go though the TAB to ask for who should receive the equipment.
He's fine with either sending it directly to them or installing it at
OSDL and giving them access to it. He also went to Duane Grigsby with
Qlogic to begin working with them and the NDA program. He hasn't had a
chance to take a look at the networking list Chris sent out. Jack
Hammer sounded enthusiastic about this. If he can donate some cards, it
might be a possibility to leverage some work from Christoph Hellwig. We
will probably have to wait until after the Labor Day holiday to
accelerate this. The TAB also wants to set their expectations that they
might want to come back with more requests. On a side note, Leann will
forward the OSDL SAS topology to the TAB.

4. TAB's recommendation regarding driver writer certification

It is the TAB's wishes to not become heavily involved with driver writer
certifications. Greg agreed with this and Arjan seconded it. The TAB
might be able to advise, but is not interested in driving nor
approving this type of effort. Conversations with LPI focused towards
them wanting the TAB to drive this through them which is something the
TAB does not want to do. Everything has been said on the mailing list
and the TAB will let this matter die quietly.

5. Other items of business

Tom wanted to give a quick update on the Japan Linux Symposium. The
September program is pretty much locked down. Ted will attend and talk
about file systems, Rusty will discuss some of the hypervisor
integration work he's been involved with, Diego Novillo will talk about
GCC, and Craig Ross will give a historical review of LKS and OLS. The
second day will revolve around bofs targeting the topics which the
speakers presented about the day before. September 11 and 12 are the
dates. The November mtg is looking good as well. Tom is anticipating
both James and Greg to talk about drivers. Ted will be there again to
talk about LF and LSB. Martin Bligh has also agreed to come and talk
about kernel testing. November 9 and 10 are the projected dates.

It was also asked how the LWE sessions went? Everyone felt that the
attendance was lite. James had maybe 40 people on Tuesday and 10 on
Thursday. Nothing huge. Greg also had about 10. The TAB felt this was
not worth doing again and wouldn't recommend it. The TAB felt the
organization was poor. They did not make it in the official show guide
and the tall placards had the wrong room # and time. Also it didn't
seem to attract the right audience. Possibly might have better luck in
the south bay at Linux user groups? So the question still remains, how
do we reach the correct audience? Maybe just listen and go where they
are. Another idea is to team up with Google. The Ubuntu conference
looked promising. Also, Google has the ability to attract high profile
speakers and generate a good attendance and audience.