KemliN Ubuntu Linux for Indians

KemliN is an Organization that will deliver Linux to Indian peoples.
On KemliN we have to promote linux among Students.For that we have to started a project named "Linux to Home".

Linux to Home:

It is a Experimental project that will take Ubuntu linux to the doorsteps.By this project we have to planned to install Ubuntu Linux at doorsteps of requested students.This service is curretly available in Coimbatore,Trichy and its surrounding area.In future there is a plan to expand this service to all over Tamil Nadu.

For installation of Ubuntu linux at your doorstep please use the form to request.This project of installing Ubuntu is in experimental stage.The installation at your doorstep will take a long time to processing the request .If a institution like to implement linux in their institution we have to give live demo at your institution.

If u have little knowledge about the linux then u have to consider to request a free linux cd from Ubuntu and then install as like u.

Online Requestion Form

Visit:KemliN for more information

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