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Today  the data  center is evolving, there  are numerous emerging technologies, endless blogs, editorials and other  commentary on some form of [INSERT YOUR FAVORITE] computing technology. While the terminology is often alien, the underlaying technology is very familiar to every  IT professional. Those familiar technologies are  the building blocks for the next generation data  center. Whether its Unified Computing, Cloud Computing, Utility Computing or Grid Computing that is the flavor of the month,  those building blocks are unlikely to fundamentally change. Each  of these computing models needs storage, networking, compute and  virtualization technologies. How those technologies are integrated together, deployed and managed may change, but the core  technologies themselves are  still needed

This publication focuses on those core technologies, the open  source projects that provide and  augment them,  and  the unique ways to leverage those technologies in your production environment. The public cloud services that are  available today  are  built on top of open  source technologies, innovative projects such as Eucalyptus and  KVM are enabling the private cloud, and  other  next- generation data  center solutions. Each  month this publication will take  an in-depth look at Virtualization, Storage, Compute / Applications, and Networking technologies in dedicated columns. In addition to these columns, a monthly feature article will explore and explain a related emerging technology.

 This publication is targeted at Information Technology professionals. If you are  currently (or plan to be) involved in Business / Enterprise grade Information Technology solutions, then  this publication is for you. Whether you are  the technical lead at a startup, system administrator at an established business or the CIO responsible for a multi-million dollar budget, this publication is designed to save you time byproviding focused and  factual technical information on open  source solutions.

In this inaugural issue, the Virtualization column takes a look at KVM, the Linux Hypervisor that for many  is the emerging de- facto virtualization platform. This months storage article introduces iSCSI and  examines the necessary steps to get it running in Linux. The compute column examines Puppet, an open source project designed to facilitate configuration management on large numbers of servers, whether physical or virtual. Following several interesting conversations with a number of technical trainers, it is clear that a large number of IT professionals responsible for small and medium sized business networks are  unaware offundamental IP data  network  concepts. The networking column looks at several best practices when deploying basic IP data  networks to lay the foundation for tomorrows larger corporate networks.

The feature article this month  takes a high level look at hypervisor and  cloud technologies. What exactly is a cloud, do you need  a private or public cloud, what are the benefits and  how do these technologies tie in with technologies such as Unified Computing, are  just some of the questions we try to answer.


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