A round of game changing Open Source - Issue #2 of Opensourc3 Magazine

This month  we are  very pleased to release an exciting new issue of opensourc3. The opensourc3 staff would like to thank  all of the readers who helped make  the first issue of opensourc3 a great  success. The Packet Generation with ScaPY article has been postponed to Issue 3. I made the decision due to the early release of the Open  vSwitch project to run the Open  vSwitch article in this issue instead of next month.  I apologize for any inconvenience this may have  caused readers looking forward to the ScaPY article, but we will run it next month.

This issue is packed with articles on a number of exciting and  game changing Open Source technologies. First, there  is an article on Ksplice, a utility that enables live kernel patching, eliminating the need to reboot  the system to apply a kernel patch. This is followed by an article on Image versus Package Management. Package Management is by no means obsolete, but in Unified and Cloud Computing environments, for speed and quality assurance Image based solutions make  a lot more  sense.


GlusterFS is a user-space based distributed file system, that is extremely flexible. It has a number of features specifically designed to make  storage cheaper and  easier to deploy in private Cloud Computing solutions. We take  a look at migrating from a traditional web server farm to a highly distributed web architecture.


 We round  out this second issue with an introduction to the Open  vSwitch project, which is looking like a strong competitor to the Cisco Nexus 1000V virtual switch.


There  are  a couple of great  events coming up this month,  Hacker  Halted in Miami, Florida between September 20th and  25th. The Linux Foundation's LinuxCon in Portland, Oregon from September 21st through  the 23rd. Of course we have  Ohio LinuxFest in Columbus, Ohio on September 25th and  26th. Some of the opensourc3 staff will be at Ohio LinuxFest this year, including John Buswell. The Storage Developers Conference in Santa Clara, California is running from September 14th through  the 17th. If you are  interested in checking out any of these events in September, they all have  advertisements in this issue of opensourc3. There  are  also a number of great  events in October and November such as ApacheCon, Utah Open  Source Conference and  SC World Congress.


 We expect to have  an updated look on the opensourc3 website before September 1st, as well as both Issue 1 and  Issue 2 in our web based on-line viewer for those who do not like PDFs. The new site also adds our RSS Subscription Feed and  Facebook pages. As always, we appreciate the great feedback from our readers. Thanks for making opensourc3 a great  success.  


Next month  opensourc3 will look at KaOS a new Linux platform designed to provide next- generation data  center technologies for Unified Computing and Cloud Computing solutions.

Please visit us at http://www.opensourc3.org to learn more  or download our this issue at  http://download.opensourc3.org/pdf/issue2.pdf  


John Buswell Executive Editor opensourc3