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The Linux Foundation Partners with Kids on Computers to Support the Next Generation of Open Source Professionals

At The Linux Foundation we support a variety of community initiatives and organizations that are advancing free and open source software and creating opportunities for people from all backgrounds and ages to contribute. We focus this support through partnerships, donations and activities like the workshop we’re planning with Kids on Computers.

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A message for our registered users:  We have temporarily disabled user accounts on while we migrate content to a new website. Next week a new will launch with exciting new features and a cleaner design, at which time all registered users can resume posting new blogs, forum posts, questions or answers.  Thank you for your patience and stay tuned for the new, improved!

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Watch Collaboration Summit Live Via Free Streaming Video

Collaboration Summit begins this week in Lake Tahoe where the world's leading technical and business leaders in open source will gather to share ideas and innovations. The event is an exclusive, invitation-only event but anyone who’s curious to know where open source technology is heading can watch keynote sessions via live streaming video on Tuesday, March 29.

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Take the 2016 Open Source Jobs Survey

The Linux Foundation and have partnered again on our annual jobs survey and invite all open source professionals and their employers to participate. By taking the survey, you will help the entire industry better understand the state of open source jobs and the nature of recruiting and retaining the best open source talent.

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NFV and Security: Friends or Foes?

Blog Post by Ulrich Kohn, Director Technical Marketing, ADVA Optical Networking

At the recent Mobile World Congress, I heard many operators express an interest in analytics. They could see its potential to enrich customers’ user experience and offer new services. Many seemed to grasp how the basis for innovative services customized to user interest and user preferences can be built by correlating data from service connectivity, application types, service context, and performance metrics among others. Such data can also be used to identify malicious attacks on a network or on individual users, giving operators the chance to initiate counter action, preventing damage and mitigating the impact.

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The Rise of ZTE SDN/NFV based ElasticNet as network infrastructure transforms

Blog Post by Nannan Hao, SDN/NFV Marketing Director, ZTE Corporation

Success Deployments: 10+ commercial case and 50+ PoC of ZTE ElasticNet solution around the work. Four key highlights: Efficiently construct the foundations of the future network Virtualized cloud-enabled data centers as the foundations of the future network, transforming the traditional vertical-centric network structure to the three-level structure featuring horizontal convergence. The latest network architectures today enable reduction of CAPEX by 30% to 40%, and enable reduction OPEX by 40% to 50%.

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Open Source Shaping SDN Industry Ecosystem

SDN Achieves Open Networks and Restructured Ecosystems

Blog Post by Huawei - Software-defined networking (SDN) is a new network architecture concept which achieves control centralization and network programmability through forwarding-control separation, thereby enhancing network resource efficiency and open business agility and capabilities.

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"Moore's law" for SDN and Cloud?

Blog Post by Dr. Marcelo Spohn, Mukesh Kumar and Raghu Gangi, ADARA

"Moore's law” essentially stated that the number of components per integrated circuit would double every two years. The increased demand for higher processor speeds and processing power was a powerful and positive feedback which drove a significant increase in the supply of technological capability.  This revolution advanced the industry in ways we still benefit from today.  A similar revolutionary advance has been developed and is being demonstrated by ADARA, CALIENT, and ON.Labs with support from China Unicom, Centeris, and C Spire in ONS Booth #17, as well as the SDN Solutions Showcase (S3) and the March 17th ADARA CALIENT On.Lab Speaking Session.

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Ready for Open SDN? OpenDaylight at ONS 2016

Blog Post by Melissa Logan, Head of Marketing at OpenDaylight, a Linux Foundation Collaborative Project.

Source: OpenDaylight User Survey, February 2016

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Making the Internet Safer, One Secure Site at a Time: Let’s Encrypt Hits 1 Million Certificates

Let’s Encrypt today issued its one millionth free certificate (at 9:04am GMT to be exact), just about 100 days after it released its beta version of the service. This is a major accomplishment for the group, but also big news for the web and the security of everyone online.

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