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Will Cloud Foundry be the Linux of the Cloud?

I have known Sam Ramji since his days spreading open source religion at Microsoft. At that time, Linux and Microsoft were clearly on opposite ends of the spectrum, but Sam had the courage to step into the lion’s den and keynote the Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit. His bravery, honesty and intelligence impressed me very much, so I was incredibly pleased to have him join the Linux Foundation Federation of Collaborative Projects as CEO of the Cloud Foundry Foundation.

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7 Pro Tips For Using Git from Fedora Developers

Back in 2010 a team of Fedora developers, lead by Jesse Keating, Toshio Kuratomi, and Clint Savage, converted the project from CVS to the Git revision control system.

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Linux 4.0 Release Boasts Unusual Numerology and Live Kernel Patching

Linus Torvalds this week released the Linux 4.0 kernel -- a relatively small release that still holds some interesting new features.

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The Companies That Support Linux: NI

Industries as diverse as finance, aviation, medicine, the military, manufacturing, and telecom are adopting real-time Linux to help control robots, data acquisition systems and other time-sensitive instruments and machines.

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Git Success Stories and Tips from Ceph Creator Sage Weil

Git has changed the way that software is built -- including the Ceph open source distributed storage platform, says Ceph Creator Sage Weil. Ceph has used the Git revision control system for seven years, since it switched from SVN.

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Git Success Stories and Tips from Puppet Labs' Michael Stahnke

Puppet's dozens of Git repositories see new code commits every day from more than 200 people, says Michael Stahnke, director of engineering services at Puppet Labs. And he personally uses the open source revision control system several times a day.

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Git Success Stories and Tips from Tor Chief Architect Nick Mathewson

Tor, the free and open source software for anonymous web communications, has been using the Git revision control system for more than six years.

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Git Success Stories and Tips from Drupal Core Committer Angie Byron

The Git revision control system is “at the center” of Drupal's hyper-collaborative community says Drupal core committer Angie Byron. The open source content management platform has 37,802 developers with Git commit access, and about 1,300 actively committing each month, she says.

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Git Success Stories and Tips from Qt Maintainer Thiago Macieira

Git has come a long way in the 10 years since Linux creator Linus Torvalds released the first version of the now-popular distributed revision control system.

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