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LinuxCon and CloudOpen 2014 Keynote Videos Available

Video recordings of the LinuxCon and CloudOpen North America keynotes are now available on the Linux Foundation YouTube channel, and are embedded below, here. 

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What is Docker, Really? Founder Solomon Hykes Explains

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Local Motors: Cars Should be Open Source Hardware

Though Local Motors was the first car company to produce an open source vehicle, Founder Jay Rogers says it is not an open source car company. It's a hardware company.

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Video: Everybody Do the Zombie Shuffle and More Linux Trivia

What is a zombie shuffling desk? What does the d in systemd stand for? Test your knowledge of these Linux trivia questions and watch your fellow Linux community members, including kernel developer and Linux Foundation Fellow Greg Kroah-Hartman, attempt to answer in our annual LinuxCon and CloudOpen Live Linux Trivia video.

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Linux Growth Demands Bigger Talent Pool

Today at LinuxCon and CloudOpen we're making an announcement that signifies the natural next step in helping to build a qualified talent pool of Linux professionals worldwide: The Linux Foundation Certification Program.

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LinuxCon and CloudOpen This Week in Chicago

The Linux Foundation's largest event of the year takes place this week in Chicago, starting with the co-located Linux Security Summit, Linu

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IBM's Doug Balog: Infrastructure Matters More Than Ever

IT infrastructure has long been an enterprise commodity – relatively cheap and abundant. But hardware is no less important in solving today's IT challenges, from big data and the cloud, to mobile, social and security, says Doug Balog, the general manager for IBM Power Systems.

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Scholarships Help Increase Access to Linux Education

What does a file system engineer living in Minnesota have in common with

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Red Hat Ceph Enterprise Brings Software Defined Storage to Big Data

Red Hat last month released the latest version of Inktank Ceph Enterprise, their object and block storage product based on the upstream open source Ceph project.

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