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Linux Foundation Certified Engineer Will Sheldon on What It's Like to Pass the Exam

Just a few days after the Linux Foundation announced its new certification program in August, Will Sheldon took the certified engineer exam and pas

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Open Source OwnCloud Seeks to Combine Public, Private and Hybrid Clouds

Over the past two years IT managers at the public research universities in Germany’s most populous state, Northrhine-Westfalia, have been researching how to build a private inter-university cloud.

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New Video Series Teaches Kids About Linux

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Qubes: The Open Source OS Built for Security

No matter how good the code review process is, or how high the standards for acceptance, applications will always have bugs, says Joanna Rutkowska, founder and CEO of Invisible Things Lab. So will drivers. And filesystems.

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The True Measure of a Successful Open Source Project

A question I get a lot is, “What makes an open source software project successful?” This isn’t a simple question, as every project is really different. But certainly there are some common characteristics: a vibrant and open community and ecosystem of contributors, an innovative goal or technology and investments from a diverse set of stakeholders are just a few.

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How Amazon Web Services Uses Linux and Open Source

Amazon Web Services first launched in 2006 with one instance and one operating system: Amazon Linux.

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Matthew Garrett's Advice on Hardware, Linux Kernel Careers, and Fruit Flies

The most popular questions posed to Linux kernel developer Matthew Garrett during his Reddit AMA this week related to kernel hacking and hardware issues.

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How Elizabeth Joseph Became a SysAdmin on HP's OpenStack Infrastructure Team

Before Elizabeth Joseph began her career as a system administrator, she was a hobbyist who attended a lot of Linux Users Group meetings in her hometown near Philadelphia.

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The Companies That Support Linux: SanDisk Advances Storage Industry

A growing dependency on digital data has spurred new interest in flash storage technologies along with cloud-based services and storage.

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Linux Training Scholarship Application Deadline is Next Tuesday, Sept. 2

Next Tuesday, Sept. 2, is the deadline to apply for The Linux Foundation's Training Scholarship Program. Don't miss this opportunity for free tuition on a Linux Foundation training course.

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