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The People Who Support Linux: PhD Student Powers Big Data with Linux

Open source technologies are powering the current trend toward big data and Michiel Van Herwegen, a PhD student in analytical CRM (customer relationship management) at Ghent University in Belgium,  has a front row seat.

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A Summer Spent on OpenPrinting with the Linux Foundation

This past summer marked Moscow-based developer Anton Kirilenko's third Google Summer of Code internship with The Linux Foundation. That's three summers, three different projects and mentors, and three totally different experiences with Linux and open source software.

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The People Who Support Linux: Starting Over as a Linux SysAdmin

James Hazelwood, a former engineer in the manufacturing industry, is going back to school to pursue a new career in Linux and IT. The Somerset, England resident spent 15 years in manufacturing and 5 years in tech support for fire alarm systems. But after being made redundant for the third time, he decided to retrain in system administration and is studying for a computing degree at Plymouth University, Hazelwood says.

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The People Who Support Linux: A Desktop Lover and Photo Editor

Over the years, Lance Spaulding has worked with a medical company, a non-profit foundation, a credit card company, a start-up, a small e-commerce business, and now a large defense contractor. But at least one thing hasn't changed in that time: he's a devoted Linux desktop user and tinkerer.

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We're Almost to Goal: 100 Linux Tutorials Campaign

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A Summer Spent on the LLVM Clang Static Analyzer for the Linux Kernel

As a kid, and some ten years before he started using Linux, Eduard Bachmakov dreamed of one day being involved in open source software. He didn't really know how code worked, but thought the idea of collaborative global development, free of corporate interests, was cool. He started by playing around with virtual machines and dual boot, but didn't make the full switch to Linux until he got to college, he said.

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Join Linux Foundation, Advance Linux and Help a Penguin

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Automotive Linux Leaves Microsoft and Blackberry QNX in the Dust

Sales of automotive Linux are expected to rise to 53.7 million units in 2020, overtaking Microsoft and Blackberry QNX in the global automotive infotainment market, according to a new report from IHS Automotive.

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OSv: The Open Source Cloud Operating System That is Not Linux

For most tech professionals, the words “open source operating system” naturally translate to Linux. And so it's understandable that those same tech pros would be a bit confused by startup Cloudius Systems' announcement in September of a new open source operating system for the cloud, OSv.

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Dice Reports Tech Jobs Increasingly Filled by Women

Dice this week released new data showing that more than half of new tech jobs created in 2013 year-to-date have been filled by women.

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