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Giving Back to the Community: Special Linux Certification Offer

This season’s spirit of giving fits right in with the Linux and open source philosophy. The idea of building software by letting anyone contribute to it and use it is now so widespread that it’s easy to forget how pioneering it once was. But, through this innovative style of collaboration, the Linux operating system has become the most widely used software in the world. Giving back to the community is what open source is all about.

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World Without Linux: Can I Follow You?

Hey, can I follow you? Out of context that sounds pretty creepy. But in a world with Linux and the Internet infrastructure it enables with services like Facebook, Twitter, Netflix and Amazon, we know exactly what that means.

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The Future of the Bloomberg Terminal is Open Source

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Winners Announced! Linux Pros Show Off Knowledge in #WorldWithoutLinux Contest But One Clue Stumps Them All


If you’ve ever wondered what a World Without Linux would mean to you, you know it’s a ridiculous notion. That’s what the current World Without Linux video series attempts to illustrate in a fun and entertaining way that also gives gratitude to the thousands of developers and companies that support the operating system.

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World Without Linux Video Series Debuts

How many times did you use Linux this morning? Chances are you used Linux a lot as you went through your morning routine, from checking your phone to switching on your TV to hear the morning’s news as you ironed your shirt or made your coffee. 

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Meet #WorldWithoutLinux Animator Amelia Lorenz

Meet Amelia Lorenz, the Disney animator behind our new #WorldWithoutLinux series.

Where are you from and where do you live today?

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Anniversary of First Linux Kernel Release: A Look at Collaborative Value

The Linux community often recognizes two anniversaries for Linux: August 25th is the day Linus Torvalds first posted that he was working on Linux and said “Hello, everybody out there…” and October 5th is the day he released the first kernel.

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Learn Linux Administration with Linux Foundation Instructor Lee Elston

Lee Elston began teaching for The Linux Foundation in 2014, but he says, “I’ve always been teaching something, someplace…”

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How Much is Open Source “Worth?” Our New Report.


Can the principles and practices of Linux be transferred to other industries? We at The Linux Foundation certainly think so and apparently so does the industry. Over the last few years every major technology category has been taken over by open source. Many of those Foundations and projects are being hosted at The Linux Foundation or at other organizations like the Apache Software Foundation and others. Much opinion has been written about the proliferation of open source projects, but not about the value.

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The Companies That Support Linux: DCHQ

DCHQ is a governance, deployment automation, and lifecycle management platform for container-based applications. The company offers out-of-the-box integrations with private and public cloud platforms, which lets development teams automate the provisioning and scaling of virtual infrastructure they’re already using.

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