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SUSE Aims for One-Click Enterprise Deployment on OpenStack

Editor’s Note: This article is part of an ongoing weekly series on Leaders of the Open Cloud running in advance of CloudOpen, Aug. 28-31 in San Diego. SUSE’s Alan Clark will present at the conference on “Private Cloud Availability and Fault Tolerance, Setup or Failure?”

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Stable kernel tree status, August, 2012

As I posted to the linux-kernel mailing list, the 3.4 kernel tree will be the next -longterm kernel that I will be maintaining for at least 2 years.

Currently I'm maintaining the following stable kernel trees for the following amount of time:

3.0 - for at least one more year 3.4 - for at least two years 3.5 - until 3.6.1 is out

Hope this helps clear up any rumors floating around. If anyone has any please let me know.

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The LinuxCon/CloudOpen Experience

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Open Source Cloud Roundup: Top Headlines Week of Aug. 13

OpenStack got a hefty share of the open cloud headlines this week with both Red Hat and Rackspace announcing new cloud services built on the open source platform. A recent Google survey of CFOs shows these execs might be good targets for companies selling open cloud offerings. And Canonical's Kyle MacDonald weighs in on how to make OpenStack better for customers. Meanwhile, Intel has rallied Chinese technology firms around OpenStack -- a sign that Asia will be a key market for cloud vendors. 

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Revealed: Limited Edition "I Fight for an Open Cloud" T-shirt

Two weeks from today The Linux Foundation will debut CloudOpen. This is a really exciting time in cloud computing, a time when developers and open source projects are clearly leading the way in technology innovation. The building blocks are in place thanks to decades of open source software development, and everybody is looking for their edge.

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Canonical: Making the Open Cloud Seamless for Users

Cloud computing has made great strides over the past two years as more companies enter the market and open source projects emerge. But the industry is still young and the current model in which each vendor has its own solution is creating “layers from hell” for the end user, says Kyle MacDonald, vice president of cloud at Canonical.

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Experience the Next Automotive Revolution

There are many significant milestones marking the path of automotive history from the early beginnings in the 19th Century to the era of modern transportation technology today. However, there are only a few revolutions that caused a paradigm shift within the entire industry.

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ZipWhip Releases Cloud Texting App for Linux Desktop

The company that introduced the Textspresso machine to the world has now released its desktop cloud texting application for Linux.

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Top Open Source Cloud Headlines, Week of Aug. 6

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LinuxCon/CloudOpen Party Details Revealed

LinuxCon is known for its deep technical content and unmatched networking opportunities. This year LinuxCon and CloudOpen will provide 140 sessions, 15 keynotes, nine co-located events, and three onsite Linux training opportunities.

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