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Attention CEO’s: You Are in the Software Business. Now What?

Whether you’re Nissan or Toyota, Walmart or Nordstrom, NYSE or NASDAQ, you are in the software business. Every company today, regardless of whether or not they’re a “technology” company, is in the business of building software. Today’s consumers demand it.

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Open Source Cloud News Roundup: Week of Oct. 1

Zenoss released a new report this week that predicts more than 50 percent open source cloud adoption among enterprises within five years.  In other open source cloud news, Rackspace has a new training and certification program for OpenStack, Citrix is building its IaaS platform and CloudStack is looking for speakers at its November conference in Las Vegas.  

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Greg KH: 5 Open Source Projects That Need Developers

Who wouldn’t want to be a Linux kernel developer? Kernel developers work at the heart of the Linux operating system and contribute and work on code that runs the world's technology infrastructure.

The work is so rewarding it attracts contributions from thousands of developers each year who make up the thriving community.

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We Invite You to Share the World's Most Inspiring Linux Stories

Linux inspires. It is enabling nearly every technology innovation of the 21st century and is supporting the growth of numerous industries from mobile to the cloud.  And, its reach goes far beyond these markets to also enable scientific discovery, smart cities, new companies and young students.

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Open Source Programs Aim to Meet Global Demand for Developers

I recently wrote that to master technology, you must master software. It is software that differentiates one device or computing experience from another.

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Open Source Cloud Roundup, Week of Sept. 24

The OpenStack Folsom release is out this week, along with a new cloud strategy announced by IBM. Also, OpenNebula's CEO pens an argument for innovation in the cloud through open source; Seeking Alpha reminds us what open source cloud platforms are up against; Red Hat's cloud evangelist tours Europe; and OSU Open Source Lab advocates using Ganeti for small to medium-size private cloud deployments. 

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Fluendo Advances Multimedia for Linux

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To Master Tech You Must Master Software -- And Open Source -- Even If You’re Apple

During my keynote at LinuxCon, I showed a picture of five smart phones from five different manufacturers with their screens blacked

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Linux Event TV: One-on-One with Open Source Visionaries

Linux Foundation events are studded with Linux and open source community leaders, as well as some eccentric personalities. What better place than one of these events to sit down and talk to the people who are making innovation happen in software development and cloud computing?

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Building a Private Cloud with Open Source Ganeti: Pros and Cons

Businesses considering building a private cloud with open source tools have likely explored at least one of the big three open IaaS options: OpenStack, CloudStack and Eucalyptus. These are great platforms for IT departments that have the time and technical expertise to test and deploy large clouds.

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