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Future Software Supply Chain Thoughts

“Almost always, great new ideas don't emerge from within a single person or function, but at the intersection of functions or people that have never met before.”  -- Clayton M. Christensen

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Linux Foundation Diversity Scholarship Profile: Bonnie King

Since we started organizing and hosting events, we made it a priority to reach out to new speakers and attendees and make our events welcoming to everyone.

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Special Exclusive: Q&A with Joyent CEO Scott Hammond


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Linux Foundation Sysadmins Open-Source Their IT Policies

The Linux Foundation is no stranger to the world of open source and free software -- after all, we are the home of Linux, the world’s most successful free software project. Throughout the Foundation’s history, we have worked not only to promote open-source software, but to spread the collaborative DNA of Linux to new fields in hopes to enable innovation and access for all.

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Security Considerations When Moving from VMs to Containers

We recently ran a sponsored series from Fox Technologies on We want to thank the company for its support and for sharing useful information for SysAdmins and developers alike. Fox Technologies is continuing the conversation with a free webinar September 17 that will address security considerations in moving from VMs to containers. More information about this webinar is below. 

Taking Your Team Live With Containers

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Happy Birthday, Linux. You've Taught Us Much.

Twenty-four years ago today, Linus Torvalds sent a message to the world. He said, “Hello, everybody out there…” and then calmly unleashed Linux. That message was received loud and clear. Since that day in 1991, Linux has undergone massive development and logged many milestones and Torvalds has become an iconic figure in the tech world.

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The Potential of the Blockchain: LinuxCon Keynote Preview

For the past few years I have been fascinated by the rise of Bitcoin and the technology that underpins it: the blockchain. Like Linux, the blockchain is an example of the continued march towards distributed systems and technology. Trust is a central element of these types of systems and the blockchain can enable this through its unique technology. If we have unique person-to-person trusted transactions without the need for a centralized institution all types of innovation and efficiency can be unlocked, especially for those in the developing world.

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A Preview: Oracle Connects the Dots at LinuxCon/CloudOpen/ContainerCon

I’m really pleased with the lineup of keynote speakers and sessions we have planned for LinuxCon, CloudOpen and ContainerCon taking place in Seattle in just two short weeks. Content is our first priority for these events, and I think developers, SysAdmins and executives will be happy with what they find in the keynote hall, session rooms and workshops.

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The Companies That Support Linux: Solace Systems

Solace Systems makes messaging middleware technology that moves data between distributed applications, devices and users to enable big data, cloud computing and the Internet of Things.

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10 Job Interview Questions for Linux System Administrators

Job opportunities abound for system administrators and DevOps professionals who know Linux. But even sought-after, seasoned SysAdmins still have to go through the hiring process, from sending in a resume, to taking technical exams and meeting for interviews.

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