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The Companies That Support Linux: MariaDB

MariaDB Corporation is a provider of open source database solutions for SaaS, cloud and on-premise applications that require high availability, scalability, and performance.

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Docker VP Marianna Tessel: What’s Next For Containers

Linux container technology has evolved rapidly over the past year as adoption expands beyond large web companies to become the de facto way organizations are building distributed applications today.

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Bruce Schneier: IT Teams Need Cyberattack Response Planning More Than Prevention

Corporate and government IT teams have been rushing to prevent the kind of large-scale cyberattack experienced recently by Sony Pictures, Blue Cross, Anthem, Target, Home Depot and the U.S. Department of the Interior, among others.

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Learn Linux Kernel Device Drivers With Linux Foundation Instructor Bill Kerr

Bill Kerr has taught Linux Foundation courses in Linux kernel internals, debugging, device drivers and application development for many years. He helped write the original Linux Foundation Training course materials and has been working with UNIX kernels for 35 years.

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Linux Training Scholarship Deadline this Friday


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Learn OpenStack with Linux Foundation Instructor Tim Serewicz

When Tim Serewicz started teaching Linux system administration classes at IBM, his boss thought Linux was “just a fad." Serewicz has since made a full-time career out of teaching admins the latest technologies in the ever-evolving and growing Linux ecosystem.

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StackEngine's Boyd Hemphill: How Docker is Changing DevOps

“Docker is Linux containers for mere mortals,” Boyd Hemphill is fond of saying.

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Announcing Our First SysAdmin Linux Certification Workshop at LinuxCon

Are you looking for a way to jumpstart your IT career or move mid-career to managing Linux systems? The 2015 Linux Jobs Report showed that certification is a great way to do this, with 44 percent of managers reporting they are more likely to hire someone with a certification. That’s one reason we created our Linux Foundation Certified SysAdmin program. If you have Linux skills, show it off with a convenient, neutral exam that has the backing of the Linux Foundation.

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Learn Cloud Administration With Linux Foundation Instructor Michael Clarkson

Linux Foundation Instructor Michael Clarkson started his IT career on the front lines as a Level I tech, and slowly worked his way up to senior architect through years of trial by fire. When the boss asked him to get some new piece of technology working, he turned to man pages, documentation, and IRC for an education.

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