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Linux Growth Results in High Demand for Linux Talent for Fourth Year in a Row


Dice and The Linux Foundation today are releasing their annual Linux Jobs Report, which details the responses of more than 1,000 hiring managers and 3,000 Linux professionals about the state of the Linux job market. 

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Blind Genetics Researcher Wants to Learn Linux But Needs a Tutor

Anyone can learn Linux, given motivation and time to do so. But Thomas Hahn was born with albinism – a genetic disorder that's left him nearly blind – and despite his great desire to transfer his Windows programming skills to Linux, it's been nearly impossible to do on his own.

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Samsung, OpenChain Aim to Build Trust With Open Source Compliance

Samsung is a top-five contributor to the Linux kernel and contributes upstream to more than 25 other open source projects.

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10 Great Quotes on PaaS and Containers from Collab Summit 2015

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10 Highlights of Jon Corbet's Linux Kernel Report

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Dronecode: Taking the Internet of Things to the Skies

In 2007 former Wired Magazine Editor Chris Anderson built a Lego mindstorms robot with his kids in an effort to get them interested in science. Two years later he founded 3DRobotics, now the largest personal drone company in North America.

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Linux Kernel Report: More Contributors Than Ever

Working with Jon Corbet and Greg Kroah-Hartman to produce the ‘Who Writes Linux’ report is one of the most important research projects we do, as it surfaces important data and trends that offer some insight into how the Linux kernel development process is going and informs collaborative development practices across the industry. As the world’s largest collaborative development project, Linux can teach us much.

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How to Get Involved with the Apache Mesos Open Source Cloud Project

Apache Mesos is one of a select group of open source projects shaping the future of enterprise cloud infrastructure and distributed computing.

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How to Hire Top Linux Talent

Hiring top Linux and open source talent isn’t as easy as initiating a search with your favorite recruiter. Linux and open source developers and SysAdmins are among the most sought after talent in tech; companies like IBM, Twitter, Facebook and many more understand that to attract these folks, they have to do things differently. I’ve been working in open source since the late 90s and have seen first hand many of these changes.

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Answering the Call for Werner Koch’s Everywhere

This past week the person who manages one of the world’s most important cryptography projects, Werner Koch, went from going broke to raising more than $100,000 for his project, GNU Privacy Guard. This is in addition to the $60,000 The Linux Foundation’s Core Infrastructure Initiative (CII) dedicated to Werner last month.

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