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How to Hire Top Linux Talent

Hiring top Linux and open source talent isn’t as easy as initiating a search with your favorite recruiter. Linux and open source developers and SysAdmins are among the most sought after talent in tech; companies like IBM, Twitter, Facebook and many more understand that to attract these folks, they have to do things differently. I’ve been working in open source since the late 90s and have seen first hand many of these changes.

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Answering the Call for Werner Koch’s Everywhere

This past week the person who manages one of the world’s most important cryptography projects, Werner Koch, went from going broke to raising more than $100,000 for his project, GNU Privacy Guard. This is in addition to the $60,000 The Linux Foundation’s Core Infrastructure Initiative (CII) dedicated to Werner last month.

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Cisco Helping Advance Open Source in Networking

Last week I was in Italia at the Cisco Live! Milano event where I also had the opportunity to speak about OpenDaylight (ODL) and Software-Defined Networking (SDN). What stood out for me the most during my time there was the tremendous progress being made on technologies that are really disrupting the networking space

SDN and NFV have been advancing innovation in the networking industry over the past few years, but it’s still early, and not many of the technologies have made it out of the lab and into the networks – until now.

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AllSeen Alliance Senior Director Philip DesAutels: The Full Promise of IoT Lies in Open Source

The Internet of Things is already a reality -- thousands of devices, from home appliances and consumer electronics, to smartwatches and cars already connect to the Internet. The problem is that they don't easily, or simply can't, connect to each other to form an Internet of Everything, says Philip DesAutels, senior director of IoT at the AllSeen Alliance, a Linux Foundation Collaborative Project. 

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Facebook’s James Pearce: Open Source Creates More Quality Code

Facebook has always used and contributed back to open source software.

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Videos: 10 Interesting Technical Talks from LinuxConf.Au 2015

Many Linux and open source leaders gave presentations at LinuxConf.Au 2015 a few weeks ago, including Linux Creator Linus Torvalds. All of the conference videos are available on YouTube, and there were many excellent presentations -- so many it would be impossible to watch them all. The range of topics covered everything from open source governance and community management, to inspiring uses of Linux and open source technologies, to technical talks and tutorials.

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18 New Open Source Projects in the 2015 Guide to the Open Cloud

The Linux Foundation this week released its second annual Guide to the Open Cloud, which profiles the open source projects that organizations are using to build their own open clouds from the ground up.

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The Companies That Support Linux: Planisys

As cloud computing expands beyond the data center to include all connected devices, technologies are rapidly changing to meet the need.

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Linux System Engineer Jean-Roch Rossi Advanced His Career With Practice, Certification

Though he eventually built a career as a Linux System Engineer, Jean-Roch Rossi started Linux administration as a hobby and a help-desk job in college.

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