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New Open Container Project Helps Define the Future Data Center

We at The Linux Foundation witness first-hand every day the impact of open source, collaboration and neutral governance on the most promising technologies of our time. It is how most software today is built.

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Learn KVM and Linux App Development with Linux Foundation Instructor Mike Day

Linux Foundation instructor Mike Day is an expert in Linux hypervisors and led IBM's work on the Xen and KVM hypervisors as a Distinguished Engineer.

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Node.js Foundation Opens Up with Industry- and Community-wide Support

Open source communities are often recognized for their constructive debate. There is a commonly held philosophy among open source contributors and developers that the best ideas result from disagreement and smart people discussing the merits of decisions and, of course, code. The Node.js and io.js communities are no different. Node.js, for example, is downloaded more than 2 million times a month and is supporting a new generation of network applications. io.js has a strong developer community innovating at the speed of light.

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Apple’s Decision to Open Source Swift Met with Developer Applause

Apple this week made an announcement worthy of applause and, indeed, the news received the loudest applause of opening day at WWDC. The company said it will open source its programming language Swift and allow developers to compile programs on Linux. 
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Announcing Apache: Big Data and ApacheCon: Core

A year and a half ago, we forged a partnership with the Apache Software Foundation to become the producer of their official ASF events. The ASF has long blazed a trail of innovation in open source and our work with them has yielded results in successful developer collaboration and events. It’s been a great partnership, in our opinion, led on our side by my colleague Angela Brown.

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3 Financial Companies Innovating With Open Source

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From Linux User, to Electrical Engineer, to Linux Foundation Instructor: Jan-Simon Möller

Jan-Simon Möller is a consultant and trainer for the Linux Foundation's training program and holds an electrical engineering degree. But he started out as a home Linux user tinkering with different distributions before moving on to systems administration.

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Our Top 10 Favorite Video Games (An Informal Poll)

To celebrate the 35th anniversary of Pac-Man last week, we asked Linux Foundation followers on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ to nominate their favorite videos games of all time.

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10 Linux Dream Jobs - What's Yours?

What’s your Linux dream job? The Linux Foundation recently asked our Twitter followers to share their ideal Linux careers. Many responded that they’re already living the dream, working as sysadmins and developers (or by simply getting to use Linux in their everyday tasks.) While others imagine fulfilling careers not yet within their grasp. Here are 10 of our favorite responses, along with a few resources for learning more about each dream Linux career path.

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