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While Apple Debates Open vs Integrated, We Want the Best of Both Worlds

Embedded systems aren’t just the fastest growing market for Linux; they are one of the fastest growing sectors of computing. And in that segment, Linux growth continues to eclipse all other platforms.

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From the New Kernel to OpenStack and the Linux Desktop: This Week's Enterprise Linux News

The Linux kernel gets AppArmor, OpenStack gets real, and the Linux desktop is once again the topic of much debate...

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New Member Spotlight: Aava Mobile Goes All Open

We announced just last week that Aava Mobile has become a member of The Linux Foundation. Its involvement in Linux and open source development represents the growing number of telecommunications companies and organizations contributing to Linux. Aava Mobile claims the world's first fully open mobile device, so naturally, we wanted to know more...

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This Week's Enterprise Linux News

The Linux Foundation Enterprise report, Microsoft's OpenOffice ad, Red Hat's product news and EMC's aggressive strategy in data computing appliances...

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Early Halloween Guest

It's not the greatest picture ever taken in the history of man-kind, but that blurry thing inside the plastic container is a small cute bat being very

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How Fast Is Linux Growing in the Enterprise? Our New Report

We’re pleased today to announce the results of a new publication from the Linux Foundation: a survey of enterprise users titled “Linux Adoption Trends: A Survey of Enterprise End Users.” We’re publishing it today at The Linux Foundation’s End User Summit.

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Tracking Weekly Enterprise Linux News: Sun and Rain Clouds Dominate

With enterprise Linux news largely focused on new developments in cloud computing this week, there were a variety of "sun clouds" in the online trades. However, there were a few "rain clouds" on Wall Street.

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New Open Compliance Resources Now Available

When we launched the Open Compliance Program in August at LinuxCon, we committed to providing additional free educational material.

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Tracking Weekly Enterprise Linux News & Trends

Getting anything done in minutes rather than days makes most of us happy. That's what Novell was promising this week with its latest SUSE Appliance Toolkit...

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New York Times: Meet the Defenders of Free Software

New York Times reporter Ashlee Vance reported today on the Linux Foundation’s Open Compliance program and how we work closely with the individual defenders of free and open source software.

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