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links for 2008-03-11

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Microsoft’s Dual Personality - Let’s Hope the Open Side Wins

TechCrunch’s Duncan Riley published an interesting post on the emergence of a dual personality at Microsoft. He describes it as “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.” The reason that this is important for open source and Linux is because Microsoft is starting to recognize the world is shifting to one where “open” is a criteria for success; re: Wikipedia, Google, Linux, Flickr, Second Life, MySpace, InnoCentive, Human Genome Project, YouTube and more.

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Ballmer Could Learn a Lesson from Jonathan Schwartz

In a turn of irony Microsoft is starting to feel the pain of Moore’s Law that Sun has felt for years. A pain that largely led to the departure of Scott McNealy and to Jonathan Schwartz efforts to open up the company.

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Why Are Open Source Systems Management Solutions Springing up Everywhere?

Within the past few weeks we have seen a announcements from every major commercial Linux provider about a systems management initiative. Yesterday Canonical announced Landscape, their systems management and monitoring tool for Ubuntu. Red Hat and Hyperic announced RHQ, an open-source project for developing a core set of IT infrastructure management capabilities.

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Why the Linux Plumbers Conference is So Cool

The term “community” is getting more sophisticated every day. The world of open source and Linux development is a mix of full time corporate developers, volunteer hackers, non-profit .orgs, standards bodies, and more. Together these entities need to work together to create the “plumbing of Linux”

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Security stuff

After updating the current conditions to reflect 2.6.25-rc4, I went into the security page and added some introductory text; I’ll probably do this with the other pages as well over time.

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Another low cost Linux PC. I think we can officially call it a trend

Joining the array of low cost Linux offerings such as the Asus Eee PC, the Everex Cloudbook , Elonux announced the Elonux One a sub 200 dollar Linux laptop targeted to go on sale in the UK starting in June.

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Why Linux Market Growth Statistics Matter to Hackers

Today IDC announced their market sizing numbers showing revenues for servers running Linux or Windows outpaced the sales of the rest of the market in the final quarter of 2007. Linux grew at the fastest pace clocking double digit growth 11.6 percent in the quarter. Windows came in second at 6.9 percent growth. Everything else grew at rates of 1.5% or less. This is even more impressive for Linux since IDC and the other firms only count paid Linux server shipments.

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The Year of the Linux Desktop Turns Out to be the Year of the Linux Mainframe

Every year people in Linux predict the “year of the desktop.” I think this is a big year for desktop Linux, but last week there was an amazing announcement from IBM that people may have missed. IBM rolled out their new z10 mainframe running Linux and it does not disappoint. As the son of a software developer who worked on mainframes at Control Data Corporation and the grandson of one of the founders of Cray Research, I feel like I am reliving my childhood when I hear all the great things about centralized computing and mainframe technology.

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Ubuntu Brainstorm: What happens to the guy who takes the specifications from the customers and gives them to the engineers?

MARK SHUTTLEWORTH: So what you do is you take the specifications from the customers and you bring them down to the software engineers?

TOM: That, that’s right.

MARK SHUTTLEWORTH: Well, then I gotta ask, then why can’t the customers just take the specifications directly to the software people, huh?

TOM: Well, uh, uh, uh, because, uh, engineers are not good at dealing with customers.

MARK SHUTTLEWORTH: You physically take the specs from the customer?

TOM: Well, no, my, my secretary does that, or, or the fax.

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