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The End Of the OS As We Know It

So the bloggers over at ZDNet have once again proclaimed the end of the operating system. Larry Dignan says:

The operating system may be losing its luster. In fact, you could argue that the operating system–Linux, OS X and Windows–will become an application that just happens to boot first. And hardware vendors are on to the OS’s diminishing importance.

He goes on to say:

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Plumbers Conference Full Speaker Line-up & Early-Bird Registration Reminder

Accepted Speakers Announcement and Early Bird Registration Reminder Linux Plumbers Conference 17-19 September 2008 Portland, Oregon USA

Speakers Announcement and Early Bird Registration Reminder

The list of accepted talks for Linux Plumbers Conf is now available:

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Kernel Etiquette: A Guide on How to Participate

At the last Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit, the late Joe Barr wrote up this exchange on day one of the conference:

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Could Linux Change Democracy?

Deb Gage at the San Francisco Chronicle recently profiled a voting machine that will be given a tryout at a mock election at Linux World, opening today. Attendees of the conference will have the ability to cast their vote for one of the two candidates on the US presidential ticket. Besides obvious political fervor of many open source devotees, what’s the connection between this machine and Linux?

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LinuxWorld Conversations Start Tomorrow

LinuxWorld kicks off tomorrow in San Francisco. In many ways, it has a real “State of the Union” feel to it, being one of the oldest shows devoted exclusively to Linux technologies and business trends.

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According to Intuit, Linux is the Future

Intuit has joined in promoting Linux with their new Linux Business Resource web site. Intuit has clearly caught on to something we have known for some time. According to their web site:

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Tux and More at the Linux Foundation VIP Reception

Linux World has come to an end and it was a busy time last week for us over here at The Linux Foundation.  In addition to attending conference sessions, manning our booth in the dot org pavilion and our internal board of directors meeting, we had the opportunity to take a break Wednesday night and hang out with some of our members, Linux World speakers and other various movers and shakers in Linux including Dan Frye and John Beauvais of IBM, Doug Fisher of Intel,  Alan Clark and Jeff Jaffe at Novell, Larry Augustin, Chris DiBona and Leslie Hawthorne from Google, Bdale Garbee at HP, Dan Kege

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The 2.6.27 merge window closes

On July 28, Linus Torvalds released the 2.6.27-rc1 prepatch and closed the merge window for 2.6.27. That means we now know what will be in this kernel, which will probably be released sometime in October. Recent cycles have featured a lot of internal cleanup and relatively few new features, but 2.6.27 will reverse that trend somewhat. Linux users will see a lot of new things here.

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Plumbers Conference Featured Speakers Announcement

Featured Speakers, Early Bird Registration Deadline, and Conference Wiki Linux Plumbers Conference 17-19 September 2008 Portland, Oregon USA

Featured Speakers at Linux Plumbers Conference

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Arrington Throws Down the Guantlet for a Linux Based Netbook

Michael Arrington over at Techcrunch is throwing down the gauntlet to produce a “dead simple and dirt cheap touch screen web tablet to surf the web. Nothing fancy like the Dell latitude XT, which costs $2,500. Just a Macbook Air-thin touch screen machine that runs Firefox and possibly Skype on top of a Linux kernel. It doesn’t exist today, and as far as we can tell no one is creating one.

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