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LF Collaboration Summit Speakers Announced

I am pleased to announce the speaker line up for the upcoming Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit at the Austin Supercomputing Center. The speakers, like the attendees of the summit, represent leaders from the developer, industry and end user communities surrounding Linux. Don’t miss the opportunity to collaborate with these individuals on April 8-10, 2008 at the UT Austin Supercomputing Center.

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This year I was lucky enough to attend in beautiful Melbourne, Australia. We were a sponsor of the conference, meaning that we did what we often times do: ensure talented speakers could attend. Many people don’t realize (or perhaps they do) that while a majority of open source developers get paid to work on open source by their companies at least part of the time, those companies don’t necessarily want to pay for them to speak or attend open source conferences.

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Barracuda Patent Case

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2.6.24 is out

As I predicted, Linus released 2.6.24 just before heading off to in Melbourne. He’s slipping, though: usually he waits until I’ve gotten on a plane and can’t update web sites before shoving a release out the door. I’m still here, though, so the main Weather Forecast page has been updated to reflect the current state of affairs.

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Linux Foundation January Newsletter

Linux Foundation January 2008 Newsletter

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Cleaning up after the holidays

We’re still waiting for the 2.6.24 release, which seems likely to come out near the end of the month - just before While waiting, I’ve gone through and made a large number of small updates throughout the forecast pages. The development kernel is at 2.6.24-rc8 - probably the last -rc for 2.6.24. I’ve tweaked other version numbers where appropriate, added links to stories, etc.

I also cleaned up a substantial number of rather embarrassing typos. I’m really not illiterate, honest.

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Another Billion Dollar Open Source Deal - Congratulations MySQL

Congratulations to all my friends at MySQL. This weeks acquisition by Sun Microsystems has once again validated the high value of open source as competitive strategy. In the financial markets we ended 2007 with SCO quietly being delisted from NASDAQ on December 27th and started the year just two weeks later with a Billion dollar acquisition of an open source software company. There is a lesson to be learned there.

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Looking forward to 2008

Happy New Year from the Linux Foundation! It’s been an exciting and busy first year for the organization. In the last year we focused on promoting, protecting and standardizing the Linux platform. We’ve seen Linux continue to expand with growth in the server, desktop and mobile areas.

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Linux Foundation Partners with Chinese OSS Promotion Union to Host Linux Developer Symposium in Beijing

Linux Foundation Partners with Chinese OSS Promotion Union to Host Linux Developer Symposium in Beijing

February 2008 Symposium Will Bring Key Linux Leaders Together with 300 Chinese Developers

SAN FRANCISCO, Dec 17, 2007 – The Linux Foundation (LF), the nonprofit organization dedicated to accelerating the growth of Linux, today announced an agreement with the Chinese OSS Promotion Union (COPU), to jointly host the Linux Developer Symposium in Beijing, China, February 19 – 20, 2008.

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NetApp interview with Jim of the LF

Brian Pawlowski, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at Network Appliance and LF board member, recently interviewed Jim Zemlin, ED of the Linux Foundation, on his excellent blog “On the Edge”. Brian is a thoughtful guy and gets Jim to discuss the LF, our focus and the weather in San Francisco (not to mention parking tickets, a frequent topic at our office.)

Check it out here.

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