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Legal Summit Registration is now open

The Linux Foundation will host its first Legal Collaboration Summit on Wednesday, April 23, 2008, at Motorola’s Customer Briefing Center in Schaumburg, IL just outside of Chicago. The conference, to be conducted by In-House Member Counsel, for In-House Counsel, will focus on the issues that in-house counsel are now routinely asked to address about the use of open source software within the enterprise2 or within a commercial offering.

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links for 2008-03-24

Explaining Open Source’s Exponential Growth - Blogs – ComputerworldUK blogs - The latest technology news & analysis on Outsourcing, HMRC data, Apple iPhone, Global warming, MySQL, Open Enterprise The most interesting thing about this study is they “are using “exponential” in its strict mathematical sense, not the loose hyperbolic one.

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Increasing Linux Participation in China: Our Symposium

One of the core mission’s of the Linux Foundation is to increase participation and adoption of Linux throughout the world, especially in areas not well integrated into the Linux ecosystem. We focus on developers first, because we feel local development leads to local adoption, especially as countries realize that Linux and the GPL allows them to build local software economies instead of shipping jobs and money to some other location (like Redmond, for instance.)

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links for 2008-03-16

Ari Jaaksi’s Blog: Greetings from OSiM USA This is a great post about Nokia and its relationship with open source. This is one of my favorite guys to talk about open source in mobile. (tags: Opensource Linux)

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links for 2008-03-15

The Associated Press: Nigerian Patent Suit Still Dogs OLPC This is really amazing. The funny thing is that I get e-mail from Nigeria every day with exciting business opportunities.

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links for 2008-03-14

Navy to focus only on open systems “The days of proprietary technology must come to an end,” says the Navy. (tags: Linux standards) Linux growth tied to personnel issues — Enterprise Linux Log “Many shops today have Unix engineers and administrators,” he said.

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Wal Mart and Schadenfreude

(Never in my wildest dreams did I envision myself putting those two words into one headline, but leave it to the world of open source technology. . .) Much has been made of Wal Mart’s move of the Linux $199 notebook from in store Wal Mart to online sales. At first I was shocked by the attention, wondering how the story was placed in the first place. (I can guarantee Wal Mart didn’t call the AP or write a press release on this change. They’d have to employ an army of thousands to keep track of their stock changes day by day.)

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Ah, yes, user space

The weather forecast pages are quite kernel centric - that’s the area I know best. There is a user-space page, though, featuring a few important components. Many of those have been revised in recent times:

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Microsoft, Branding Students

There’s a new way to collaborate out there. It’s hard to believe but email with attachments is old. You can store your documents centrally, set permissions on multiple user edits, handle concurrent editing, send out email alerts. Imagine the advantages in never bringing up an old version of a document to edit. Or waiting for your colleague to finish their edits. Many people probably haven’t totally switched over yet, because they’re stuck in a decade-old style of work flow. But the next generation coming along will have switched.

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