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Announcing the Linux Foundation Developer Travel Fund

I’m very pleased to announce a new initiative here at the Linux Foundation: the LF Community Travel Fund

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Noted standards attorney (and LF board member) Andy Updegrove has a very insightful and funny post on the recent Microsoft patent FUD.

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Xandros First to Use New LSB Test Kit

Our member and distribution partner Xandros is the first to use our new distribution test kit as part of their certification to the LSB. You can read the release here.

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The First Ever Linux Collaboration Summit!

I am personally very excited about a new initiative we have started at the Linux Foundation. The first ever Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit will take place from June 13 through 15 at the Googleplex in the Bay Area. This unique, invitation-only event will bring together the brightest minds in the Linux ecosystem to discuss where Linux is, where it needs to go and how we can all help get it there. We’re combining LF workgroup meetings, LSB face-to-face meetings, and the advisory councils (user, vendor, developer) to create one uber-conference.

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Jim Zemlin to appear at Ubuntu Live

Registration is now open for Unubutu live along with a listing of the sessions and tutorials for the conference. Jim Zemlin will be speaking at the conference along with folks like Jon “maddog” Hall, Mitchell Kapor, Mårten Mickos, Jeff Waugh, Bradley Kuhn, Matt Asay, Stephen O’Grady, Jono Bacon, Matt Zimmerman, and Mark Shuttleworth.   Registration can be found at:

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The Genesis of the Linux Foundation

Enterprise Open Source Magazine recently published an article we wrote on the start of the Linux Foundation. If you’re interested in how we started or what we’re doing around here, I urge you to read it.

My favorite part:

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Thanks, Mark

Our new board member, Mark Shuttleworth from Ubuntu fame, has a nice post about the Linux Foundation.

I think he’s makes some very correct points on how difficult it can sometimes be to run a consortia. We also really appreciate his kind words, not just because he’s a board member but because he’s an important member of the Linux community, and thus our constiuency.

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PHP/JavaScript contractor needed

Do you care about improving the Linux platform? The Linux Foundation is looking for an independent contractor to help us with our Web site. Specifically we’re looking for help with CSS/Javascript/PHP projects, including an expandable navigation tool and making our pages readable in IE. (Yes, ironic I know, but we really want our pages to be accessible to everyone, even those with bad judgement. ) Our infrastructure also includes Wordpress and MediaWiki.

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Mono brings Visual Basic Programming to Linux

Say what you will about Visual Basic, but many people (especially in enterprises) use it for developing applications. Anything that results in more applications on Linux is a good thing. Read the news of the new compiler brought to us by Novell.

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