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On Embracing the Linux Desktop at the LF Collaboration Summit

“Man bites Dog.” It’s the classic example of how news works: editors pick the unexpected. Recently, Joe Barr from wrote on his mixed feelings about attending the Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit. Specifically he mentioned disappointment that the desktop was not a central topic of discussion at the meeting. I think Joe is a good journalist and have enjoyed working with him on stories over the years. I also think is a fantastic source of Linux content, both for articles and increasingly video.

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#LF Summit: VIA Technologies Opens Up

Earlier this week at the first day of the Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit, VIA Technologies, a supplier of chipsets and x86 processors, announced they will be opening up their specifications and code to help open source developers support their components. This is significant news for Linux developers and most importantly Linux users who will see better support for the multitude of VIA components within PCs and mini-tops.

Or as SVN says:

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2.6.25 getting closer (and UBIFS)

I got around to updating the forecast pages for the 2.6.25-rc8 prepatch. At this point things are getting close. My guess is that there will be one more prepatch (-rc9) sometime in the near future and the final 2.6.25 release sometime around the U.S. tax day festivities. Such as they are.

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Get answers to all your Linux questions direct from the source.

Next week the leaders of the Linux industry gather in Austin Texas for a meeting of the minds. The Linux Foundation has set up an invitational event where the folks who work directly on the business and technical issues facing the platform can get together and share ideas. We’ll find out about these questions and more:

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Adobe Joins the LF: Developers as Indicator Species

We’re very happy to announce today that Adobe has joined the Linux Foundation as a member. I’m always happy to welcome new members of course and to recognize those companies who make a stand and commitment to paying Linus salary (amongst other things). But I’m especially happy because this is another point in our on-going case that Linux is the platform for Web 2.0 development today and cloud and cross-device development tomorrow.

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links for 2008-03-25

CrunchGear » Archive » All About Linux 2008: Why use Linux? Interesting post from a developer who banks on the platform.

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Legal Summit Registration is now open

The Linux Foundation will host its first Legal Collaboration Summit on Wednesday, April 23, 2008, at Motorola’s Customer Briefing Center in Schaumburg, IL just outside of Chicago. The conference, to be conducted by In-House Member Counsel, for In-House Counsel, will focus on the issues that in-house counsel are now routinely asked to address about the use of open source software within the enterprise2 or within a commercial offering.

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links for 2008-03-24

Explaining Open Source’s Exponential Growth - Blogs – ComputerworldUK blogs - The latest technology news & analysis on Outsourcing, HMRC data, Apple iPhone, Global warming, MySQL, Open Enterprise The most interesting thing about this study is they “are using “exponential” in its strict mathematical sense, not the loose hyperbolic one.

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Increasing Linux Participation in China: Our Symposium

One of the core mission’s of the Linux Foundation is to increase participation and adoption of Linux throughout the world, especially in areas not well integrated into the Linux ecosystem. We focus on developers first, because we feel local development leads to local adoption, especially as countries realize that Linux and the GPL allows them to build local software economies instead of shipping jobs and money to some other location (like Redmond, for instance.)

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links for 2008-03-16

Ari Jaaksi’s Blog: Greetings from OSiM USA This is a great post about Nokia and its relationship with open source. This is one of my favorite guys to talk about open source in mobile. (tags: Opensource Linux)

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