LSB 3.0

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The Free Standards Group is proud to announce the availability of the Linux Standard Base 3.0. The press took quite a bit of notice of both this announcement as well as the joining of Linux software giant CA to the FSG. We’re seeing more and more participation by ISVs in the LSB and FSG. eWeek magazine in particular grasped the import of the announcement in this fine editorial:

“[LSB 3.0] is not just another standard. This is the standard that will make sure that ISVs can write programs for one Linux rather than half-a-dozen Linux distributions. All the major Linux consortiums and
companies- Asianux, the Debian Common Core Alliance, Red Hat and Novell-have agreed to make their distributions LSB 3.0 compliant. With this move, Linux has assured itself of a future no matter what Microsoft does. As someone who suffered through the Unix wars, I can’t tell you how pleased I am with this development. Bring it on, Microsoft. Linux is ready for you. ”