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The FSG will have a very strong presence at Linux World in Boston this week. Please come by our booth at the .org pavilion or attend one of these sessions.

B6: Why Open Standards Are Crucial to Protecting Your Linux Investment
04/05/2006, 11:15 AM - 12:15 PM

Jim Zemlin, Executive Director, Free Standards Group.

The promise of Linux is freedom of choice, right? Unfortunately, most people mistakenly equate the open source development process and its open code format with a customer’s ability to freely choose a technology solution. If the cost of moving from one open source solution to another is prohibitive, you are just as locked in as you would be with a closed source solution. In this discussion, attendees will learn why open standards are crucial for their Linux strategy, what can happen to Linux without open standards, and how to work with software vendors to make sure standards are complied with.

LD8: Linux Standard Base Desktop: Why You Should Care
04/05/2006, 3:30 PM - 4:30 PM

Rajesh Banginwar, Software Architect, Intel.

Application availability is sited as one of the inhibitors for Linux deployment on desktops. To help application developers we need to hide the fragmentation in the Linux ecosystem, especially on client platforms. This session will discuss what LSB and its desktop project is doing to position Linux as a viable and stable development platform for application developers. The session will also highlight why IT managers, end users, OSVs along with application developers should get excited about LSB 4.0 and beyond. For technical minded, the session will dive into some of the details of LSB desktop roadmap, developer tools etc.

We’ll have a BOF led by Ian and Rajesh from the workgroup.
Date: 4/5/2006
Start time: 7:30 PM
Room Number: 151A