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We send out a regular newsletter to our members and other interested parties in the interest of good communication. I realize there is no reason it shouldn’t reach a wider audience. Here’s the latest. Please let me know if you have questions or comments. If you’d like to subscribe, please send an email stating as such to pr-at-our domain.

The last few months have been incredibly busy and fruitful for the FSG.

Highlights of our recent successes include:

***LSB 3.1 Released: First Integrated Desktop Standard for Linux*** The Free Standards Group recently announced LSB 3.1: the first integrated Linux desktop standard. Highlights of this announcement included pledges of certifications from Asianux, Novell, Red Hat and Ubuntu, among many others, meaning every major Linux distribution will be LSB-certified. The announced received pledges of support from over 12 vendors, including the above mentioned as well as RealNetworks, IBM, Intel, Dell, HP and many others. The announcement generated world-wide media coverage in hundreds of articles. You can read the text of the announcement here: <>.

***FSG Expansion in Asia***

Last month, the FSG expanded its activities in Japan and Korea, signing new members Fujitsu, Haansoft, ETRI, and KIPA. The FSG has also opened an office in Korea, one of the fastest growing Linux markets in the world. You can read about the Japan expansion here <>and Korea here <>.

***LSB Summit Held in Boston***

One of the goals of LSB workgroup leader Ian Murdock is closer alignment with Linux application developers and distribution vendors. As part of this goal, last month, he brought together many of the key decision makers in the Linux ecosystem for the first LSB Summit. Participants included representatives from Novell, Red Hat, GNOME, KDE, IBM, RealNetworks, Mandriva, Intel, HP and many others. During the two-day meeting, workgroup leaders gathered input from LSB constituents (distribution, system and application vendors) and discussed the roadmap for the next major release of the standard, LSB 4.0. The FSG will publish this document in the coming months for even wider input.

***LSB Keynotes Around the World***

FSG staff have been extremely busy giving keynote and conference addresses at Linux conferences around the world. Here is a summary of recent and upcoming events where FSG staff have represented open standards on Linux:

Linux World Japan — May 2006

Linux World Brazil — May 2006

Linux World Korea — May 2006

Interop Moscow — June 2006

C3Expo New York — June 2006

Gartner Open Source Conference — September Linux World London — October

All details on upcoming event information is available at

***New White Paper on the Linux Desktop***

FSG and Intel recently published a comprehensive white paper on Linux on

the desktop and how open standards will enable the next stage of the

Linux desktop. This paper, jointly developed with Intel, is available on

the FSG web site here <>.

***FSG in the News***

The Free Standards Group has made many appearances in news outlets over

the last few months, including AP, Businessweek, Computerworld, eWeek

and many others. Here are a few highlights with many more available on

the FSG web site.

eWeek: LSB Unifies Linux Desktop Standards


Computerworld: Linux Vendors Rally Around Desktop Standard


Associated Press: Linux Vendors Unite on Standard


ZDNet Korea: Promoting Open Standards and FSG Expansion