LF Collaboration Summit: Day One

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So I think you can all imagine that I don’t have much time for blogging, given the time requirements that organizing the LF Summit require. But I just wanted to say that so far this inagural meeting has been AMAZING.

I’ve been working with open source companies for about six years now, and very closely with Linux for the past four, and I have never see such a diverse and accomplished group of people gathered together. At the summit, we have (in the words of one very well known journalist I won’t name)

  • “more kernel developers in one place than I’ve ever seen,”
  • all the distros (Novell, Red Hat, Ubuntu and more)
  • all the system vendors (HP, IBM, Intel, etc.)
  • key ISVs like Adobe, Real, MySQL and many others
  • other community projects
  • major end users who are betting their business on Linux.

Wow, they are talking to each other, and most importantly, listening. I know one event won’t solve all the work we have to get done, but this reminds me just how unstoppable a united group around a common goal can be. The brain power and passion in the room is palpable.

Well, enough cheerleading from me.