Two Days in Tokyo: Linux Foundation Japan Symposium

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One of our successful programs here at the Linux Foundation is also one of the least well known — at least in the United States. Three times a year, the Linux Foundation Japan office brings in leading Linux luminaries to present and interact with local senior software developers. The goal? To increase open source participation by talented Japanese developers. The result? Even though it’s not an exact science, accepted patches from Japanese developers have been rising over the last years.

In July, I was lucky enough to attend the Japan Symposium (organized by the LF Japan office) and work with the program committee to get two very talented developers to participate: Paul Menage and Jonathan Corbet. Paul talked about the process containers patch he has done at Google, while Jonathan updated the crowd on the Linux Platform Weather Forecast and how best to get involved and contribute to the Linux project. We also learned about the fault injection framework Akinobu Mita has created.

Day 2 of the Symposium was a smaller gathering of key engineers from NEC, Fujitsu, Hitachi, NTT and other leading technology companies in Japan. They discussed their projects and asked Paul and Jon for their feedback.

Jonathan excellently covered the trip in here. I especially like these points:

“The key to building a community and keeping it together is good communication. By bringing in community developers, the Japan Symposium certainly succeeds in raising the level of communication with the Japanese community. There is no better way to learn about how a community works than to talk with those who are in the middle of it. This series of events might just be part of why contributions from Japan appear to be on the rise. A less obvious but equally important point is this: communication goes both ways. Any speaker who attends this event can only go away smarter, having learned something about how the wider world sees free software. That, too, can only be a good thing.”

Couldn’t say it better myself, Jonathan. We are planning another Symposium in Japan in November and are investigating other similar events in China and Korea. I think this two-way dialog is extremely helpful for the global community.

You can view images from the conference here.