End User Panel at Kernel Summit

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One of the most important things we do at the Linux Foundation is facilitate collaboration between end users, community developers and vendors. In fact, we created the Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit to do precisely that every year, twice a year. But there are other events where end users and developers collaborate; one such is the Linux Kernel Summit, an invitation only pow-wow of the leaders in kernel development.

In this year’s KS, Markus Rex, CTO of the LF, participated in an end user panel. He represented the aggregated wishes and requests of both our End User and Vendor Advisory Councils.

He was joined by LF friends Head Bubba of CSFB and Sean Kamath from Dreamworks.

You can find the slides each presented here.

You can also read detailed reports on this presentation from the always insightful  Jon Corbet of LWN and Gerrit Huizenga of IBM. Both writers have good extended coverage of KS for those who couldn’t attend.

We are always looking for more end users to participate in our End User Council. Free free to contact me if you’re interested. (amanda at . . .)