Good News for Linux Drivers

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I’m a little behind in my posts, but I wanted to throw my hat in the ring of cheer for the news that Novell is making Greg KH a fellow and allowing him to work full time on the Linux Driver Project. This really is excellent community support by Novell.

The ever useful Kernel Trap has the story here
Internet news has their take (and mine) here.

The important thing from Greg’s post is that if you’re a company who wants your device to be supported in Linux and want your driver written and maintained for free, please contact the driver project. If you want the developer to sign an NDA, the Linux Foundation will back that with our NDA program. It’s really that simple.

If you’d like to learn more about the project and actually like to watch and hear people on your computer screen, you can watch videos from FreedomHec (including Greg, James, etc) on Linux World Magazine here.