Pay Pal’s use of Linux

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We’re talked quite a bit in the press about how Linux is the platform of choice for .com and Web 2.0 development. Google, Amazon, Facebook and so many of the Internet’s leading applications or services are built on Linux and open source. And why is that?

Matthew Mengerinkm VP of core technologies at Pay Pal lays out some very clear reasons why Linux is the defacto choice in this article on Linux Insider.

He says:

More importantly than all of this is our developers love Linux. People are far more innovative and engaged when they work on what they love.

I love this quote because in all the economic talk about choosing Linux (commodity hardware, clusters and competitive support pricing) you sometimes forget that for a company managing technology, they are also managing talent. You want to pick the technologies that your talent is passionate about, and Linux and open source fuels that passion.